Wichita, Kansas
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I am handicapped and was delighted to see you had a private room for me. The room was occupied so I went into the group rest room and used the handicap stall there.

The room was competely empty. My husband was waiting outside for me and said, You are not going to be happy about this and I asked why? because a woman employee was using the handicap room and as soon as she left another employee went in.

I know this is a is a minor complaint, but who pays their wages?

That is the only complaint I have at MENARDS..

I do wish you would put one in Hutchinson, KS. The Lowes & Home Depot are there , but you are so much better !!!!

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i wish we had our own bathroom so that we would not have to share it with *** holes like u. secondly i like to *** with out any one hearing or seeing so thank you very much i will continue useing the FAMILY bathroom each and every time it is open. FYI the only HANDY CAP bathroom is the stall in the normal bathroom


its a free country u ***. if I want to *** in the private bigger bathroom stall I will and u can just wait for me to finish or *** ur pants u miserable skunkweed. :sigh


its discrimination against non-handicapped people! Next you'll be wanting a whites-only toilet and complaining that the 'coloreds' use it.


haha I use that bathroom just because I can check my text messages and do a #2 in there and its private. Employees definitely can use that bathroom and we don't have our own.

Its pretty much the only bathroom I use is that one. Its not a handicapped one, its just a "family" restroom.

Menards won't spend the money for us to have our own bathroom. Dennis Dixon likes the family restroom because its the only one he can fit in.


The employees are handicapped - mentality.


The restroom you are referring to is the private unisex one. It is not limited to handicap use at all, anyone is free to use it.

As an employee myself I use it because I have paruresis, or shy bladder syndrome. This means I am unable to go to the bathroom when others are around or can hear me.

Also as someone stated already employees DO NOT have their own private restrooms. We are forced to use the same ones everyone else does.


employees do not have their own washroom. they use the same one as everyone else.


I hate when people throw the whole "I pay your wages". It's rude and obnoxious.

There was nothing wrong with the employee using the handicap bathroom. She didn't see anyone around wanted to use it, so she used it. It's not as if she pushed you aside or cut in front of you.

You know how annoying it is to go into the bathroom at work and be bombarded by questions? Maybe employees want some privacy too.