Madison, Wisconsin

A good friend of mine worked at Menards for about 6 months and liked it, but left because of the lack of a good retirement plan. The 401k is nothing to

be desired.

If a company really cares about the employees future they would get a top notch plan. Implementing a good retirement plan would reduce turnover because people would value their careers at Menards. Menards would then save money on all of the drug testing of their candidates which I understand can be very costly and time consuming.

I always thought highly of Menards since I was a little kid seeing the commercials. This comes as a surprise to me!

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I *** alot


Did your friend tell you about the Instant Profit Sharing benefit? This benefit is in place so employees can decide how Menards contributes to they employees livelihood.

This money can go towards retirement, wedding expenses, vacations, or whatever the employee wishes.

Get your facts straight before you start bashing.

And, fella, there are plenty of people who work in retail that do have actual CAREERS and COLLEGE DEGREEs. Quit being an ***


As you didn't work there you have no reason to be posting this. You obviously are not aware of the profit sharing Menards pays out every year.

They may not contribute to your 401K but their profit sharing is a lot more than most companies contribute to 401k plans.

Menards empolyees are free to use their profit sharing as they please...spend it or invest it for retirement. Your friend left for a poor reason.


it's a freakin retail store! what did you expect?? if insurance coverage was to become better, you know they'd freeze pay rates instantly, so you really wouldn't be getting anything in the end.

obtain a college education, get an actual CAREER, then see how far your new 401k treats you.