Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Walked into Menards in Terre haute Indiana this morning an over heard an Menards employee degrading another employee of Menards. The female employee was being very loud speaking to another female employee about the gentleman (Menards employee) thats disabled.

Stating that he shouldn't have a job there an she couldn't understand WHY they would hire a retard! I'm disgusted that our Menards would hire uneducated ignorant people!!!!!!!! I'm taking my business elsewhere considering I see how Menards looks in depth at their employees! Furthermore, I have a son that is disabled!!!!!!

If ever I was to find out someone was to speak of my child in that nature there would be harsh consequences!

Menards you have two head managers an to be honest they are far from doing their job! You advertise low cost, so does that also mean lack of respect for employees as well as customers????!!!!!!

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What you should do is speak to the head manager about this matter. I have an adult mentally handicapped daughter working in a fast food place and she overheard one of her co-workers telling another employee that she couldn't do a lot of things because she was a "retard." When my daughter came home and told me about it, she stated that she had started to cry when she overheard it, and one of the managers took her her back to the kitchen to comfort her.

I emailed the head quarters about it and received a phone call from one of the higher ups, who stated he had talked with the head manager of the business and all the employees were going to have to be retrained in how to work with all types of people, etc. Within a short period of time the worker who had made the comment ended up being fired along with her boyfriend. The funny part is they were both on the slow side(mentally,) however not enough to be called mentally handicapped. A lot of people don't think before they speak.

This incident should definitely be reported to the head manager and then if nothing is done about it, take your business elsewhere.


Nothing will be done about it. Menards is ran by a bunch of bullies.

Menards hiring process is core reason for this. They hire inexperienced individuals normally between the ages of 18-24 who have never worked for a union or been a manger for that matter. Then they keep getting promoted until they are a General Manager. I've never met a General Manager of a store who was hired from a different company or a manager for that matter.

Most the managers at my store are totally clueless and lazy.

They will look out for their lazy friend coworkers and make it really hard on the ones who actually work if they don't like them. Soon as you leave the area you know they are talking garbage about you behind your back, all they do is stand around all day and gossip.


WOW ... Heartless.

I see you have changed. Must be you have gotten sick of those buttheads at our Green Bay store, and realized that many people actually do have a good reason to complain on here about Menards.

I am sorry you had to learn the truth by getting screwed over yourself too many times.

It's not fair to those of us who really "work" for a living, huh? Hope things get better for you.