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The service at Menard's is great. Menard's has many dedicated employees, but I wonder about their welfare.

I once worked with an 20 year plus Menard's employee whose daughter was killed in a car wreck; a very tragic death that left her widower and the employee's family with three young, motherless children. In order to take care of the funeral arrangements and other things, that person had to take vacation time. Menards offers no bereavement time. Yesterday I was in Menard's picking up paint supplies.

The associate who was dedicated to helping this guy who knows nothing about painting was limping around. When asked about it, he said that he needed a knee replacement, but he couldn't afford to be off work that long. He and his wife are taking on extra jobs in order to save enough so he can take some time in recovery. Imagine walking around on those concrete floors with a bad knee 8 hours a day or longer then having to find another job so that he can have knee surgery to get his knee repaired so that he can again serve the customers at Menard's.

That is terrible. When I asked him, "Don't you have sick leave?" his answer was "no." I said, "That's terrible!" He said, "Menard's is privately owned so they get by with that." You probably can get by with it, but why would you want to? Aren't these employees valuable to you? How much does it cost to train an employee like this.

These people have experience. They matched the color of another company's paint without a number because we had run out and the other place was closed. They were pretty impressive. We most likely will shop at Menard's more often.

Companies much smaller than Menard's offer these benefits.

I don't know much about business and bottom lines, but I would think it would be a wise investment for you. Shame on you.

Menards Pros: Most employee attitudes.

Menards Cons: Treatment of employees.

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Terrible to employees

Great to customers

Most companies are pretty bad at penny pinching though...

So I'd say this is more of an issue with the state of our seriously *** up country


The bottom line is: don't buy or work at Menards, they are crooked ***.


No, Menards does not offer sick leave or paid bereavement time. If you have vacation time (only full time employees get vacation time) available you can use that but only at times where vacations are allowed (use of vacation time is not allowed during busy times of the year).

John doesn't beielive in paying anyone who isn't punched in and working hard to put more money in his back pocket.

If it weren't for Federally mandated leaves he would terminate anyone who missed 2 pay periods, regardless of the reason. Full time employees get 1/2 of their low quality health care premiums paid for, part time employees must pay in full if they want insurance.


They are absolutely terrible in the way that they treat their employees! That's why they are constantly running adds to hire people.