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Hi. I shopped at Menards Naperville, IL store today and have never been so embarrassed in my life.

I needed to do some measuring to make sure I have the right sizes to complete my purchase, so I took the tape measure and put it back somewhere in the isles. After checking out the security guy caught me outside the door and blamed me that I stole that tape measure. When I told him that I left it somewhere in the isles he wanted me to go back in the store and show me where. Then after checking my pockets he just said "Alright, have a nice day".

That was so embarrassing and he couldn't even say a simple SORRY.

I'm a contractor and I shop at this store often.

Worst shopping experience, ever.

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you bring your own an go to the service desk an have them put a proof of entrance sticker on it that way they know you brought it into the store with you. its not complicated


I realized that it is easier and more convenient to just toss the tape measure wherever. What I'm trying to say is that you would have avoided the entire situation by properly returning the item. Not necessarily to its original location, you just had to give it to any associate.

Protip: just because some people do it doesn't make it okay to do.


People misplace items all the time, no big deal. The stores are huge.

I've already walked liked 100 miles in the store and placeing the tape measure back was out of my way. If I would have brought my own tape, it would have been harder to prove that I didn' take it from the store.

How will you prove that you didn' mark it ins store? Unless the tape measure is all beat up I wouldn't take it inside.


Why didn't you just put it pack where you got it from or give it to a cashier or an associate? Lazy.

The security guard probably thought you were staging merchandise.

If you weren't so lazy and inconsiderate then this wouldnt have happened. I don't feel sorry for you at all. You got what you deserved.


First of all everyone makes mistakes. BUT..

He should have apologized and taken responsibility for his mistake.

You don't ever assume! And that's what he did .


@ Ha, nothing wrong with what he did. People do that all the time at my store.

None of them have ever been accused of stealing one. And bringing his own can and will cause bigger trouble, unless it's marked properly with either his name or a store sticker indicating he brought it in. Menards is crazy about catching they're wrong all the time.

They don't care about embarrassing anyone or being wrong. All they care about is money.


That's why you should have brought your own tape measure. It wasn't yours to use in the first place.

Then you go and dump it somewhere it didn't belong. What a *** bag.