Grand Rapids, Michigan

I actually heard this from the second in charge, verbatim. Some girl up front was talking about counting down the draw and having to do it twice sometimes.

The second in command say's, "Sometimes I count my drawer five six times, and if I'm not sure, i count it again".Appalling! And this is not the first time i heard a dumb statement from this guy. He has this philosophy that states, " Someone willl buy it", even if the merchandise is damaged, missing parts, has no packageing, or cannot be identified. As it turns out, it looks like the shelves are stocked with garbage.

It's no wonder the guests don't respect the store, tearing open packages and strewing it's contents halfway across the store.

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Worry about yourself, not others. Show some loyalty to your company.

good luck in life. Let it go.


I can't believe you're complaining about someone wanting to do their job correctly. The night's countdown, and most notibly THEIR JOB, is dependent on the fact that they count it correctly.

Who cares if they count it several times? Much like Trevor said, they don't count it several times because they're ***, they count it because they want to make sure they're correct.


What I don't understand is why do these disgrunted employees post these stories here for everyone to see. Don't they have the guts to tell the employers. They are too scared of losing their job because of saying how they feel so they post on pissedconsumer where no one knows who is behind the computer. Have some guts and tell your employer how you feel.

Sally the reason these people don't quit their jobs is because they are to uneducated to find a better paying job. Or they are too lazy, they do the job they hate because it makes money. However they are getting money and if they are unsatisfied they should speak to someone that can do something instead of being some nameless individual posting on a forum where no one knows who they are.

As for the OP when I do cash at Wal-mart. I do count the cash twice, or three times to make sure it is correct. We don't do it because we are ***. We do it to make sure we have everything in correct. Something you should have done before submitting this letter.


you and me both, jason.

english. learn it.


Quit your job then. ***.


You should really be embarassed at yourself for writing such a letter with poor grammar and spelling. Face it this is the only place you can work with your poor level of education.

So what if someone needs to recount the drawer. You need to use a spell for your letter, and you need to proofread. You are the one that people should be embarassed at.

You think because someone needs to recount their drawer to make sure they are right that they are making a dumb statement. Well you are the dumb one, and with your attitude you will stay at the bottom of the ladder at Menards, get used to it ***.