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why does a store as big as menards in heartland crossing(camby,In.) have only 1 cart and it doesn't work all the time.there are a lot of people shopping there that need a wheelchair..can we get more electric wheelchairs there ?PLEASE...some of us are on oxygen or some kind of disability and need help to get through the store.if you had carts we could get around better and probably stay longer and spend more money.I love shopping at menards but I have to get in and get out because I am on oxygen 24/7.please fix this for your faithful customers.thank yoy for letting me vent

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Menards Pros: Rebate program and sales.

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If you need a scooter, why don't you buy one. There are surely other places you go that don't have scooters at all.

Does your doctors office have a scooter, drug store, grocery store, church...etc?

At $1000 a scooter that's about $300,000 out of John Menard's pocket to put 1 scooter in each store. You aren't willing to buy your own scooter but seem to be more than willing to take a large chunk of change out of another person's wallet.


everywhere I shop has the electric chairs


you people go anonymous because you are not nice people


This is the most uneducated reply I have ever heard. Perhaps you need sensitivity training?

I truly hope you get hit by the karma bus and find yourself in a WORSE position than the customer who wrote the complaint.

The comment was not rude, it was just asking them to please get more motorized carts. And if this comment was made by a Menards mole trolling the comments, they need to get hit by a karma TANK.


The electric cart is often broken as a direct of heavyset and lazy customers like yourself abusing the carts. Buy your own cart or walker


you are a fake and not a nice person,may God bless you