Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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You should have electric scooter for disabled customers. I am on short term disability and I can't shop because I can't walk. I was very disappointed because I couldn't shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Electric scooters cost money to buy and to repair. I work at a *major grocery store chain*, and I have seen electric scooters abandoned in the parking lot, inside the store, and across the street.

These electric scooters are then outside in the elements. So these electric scooters are rained on, etc.

I have also seen customers literally steal these electric scooters. So part of your complaint could very well be with customers who do this.


They have one or two in each store. Don't expect stores to invest a lot of money in scooters.

Those who really need a scooter will either buy or rent their own.

Insurance companies will typically cover these costs if they are really necessary. If getting around the store is too difficult resort to shopping on line.


Do you expect my insurance company to buy me a truck to be able to transport the electronic scooter, and to provide me a young built man to load the scooter into the truck?? Wal Mart, Meijer, Kroger nor home depot have issues providing multiple scooters within the stores.

@Mrs. Customer

I guess I'd shop at the stores with the fleets of scooters then.

@Mrs. Customer

Send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters explaining your complaint. Their contact information is either found on This website or on Their website.

@Mrs. Customer

If your insurance company doesn't cover what you want and you don't want to cover the cost, why do you expect other consumers to cover the cost of providing you a scooter in the form of higher prices?