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Editing the ship to address was impossible thru Menards. Simply was not possible.

I had to call the manufacturer of the product myself to make the simplest of changes to the order.

Menards wanted to cancel the order. I wanted to simply change the ship to address. The manufacturer had the change complete in less than three minutes, after I had spent hours communicating via email with Menards.

Several failed attempts were made to contact someone for a live phone conversation.

The receptionist at Menards headquarters is very rude and unprofessional to say the least.

I called my local Menards and they too suggested I cancel the order when is all someone on your end had to do was to contact the manufacturer and change the ship to address. It was the simplest of feats and Menards refused to help me.

I tied up Menards employees for hours trying to get the ship to address changed.

Cancelling the order certainly is not a time saving maneuver on Menards part. You see, I just dont give up that easily.

User's recommendation: If you need to make a change to your order, don’t waste your time with Menards’ customer service. Cut to the chase and do it yourself.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Menards Pros: Best damn home improvements store there is.

Menards Cons: Online customer service is atrocious.

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So YOU put the wrong address, YOU made the mistake and YOU want THEM to apologize?


Really, the issue is tax liability. Changing addresses, potentially changes the amount of tax owe.

Its charge at the location the item is being shipped to. So thats why Menards and most other retailers have to cancel the order.


I agree, but you can tell that this person is just a child, under ten do they don't know about taxes. Who else but a child would want someone to apologize when they made the mistake.

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