Howard, Wisconsin

I pulled into a 15 minute only parking spot near the Menards Garden Center doors. I was there to purchase some lawn equipment and some top soil. At most it would have taken me 45 minutes to make my purchase giving Menards several hundred dollars in the process. But the door would not open to the Garden Center! I waved up and down at the censor, I tried wedging it open and finally I tried screaming at the employees inside who just stood there and did nothing. I had enough!

I walked down to the other doors where the registers are I told the first employee I saw that I wanted to speak with a Store manager right away! Well she looked at me with very rude expression. I quickly said you have an attitude and I will be expressing this with your store manager. She quickly said sorry and said I will get him right away. Right away turned out to be 25 minutes later. He approached me and said whats the problem? I said how dare you talk to an elderly lady like that! I've been shopping here for years paying your bills and you treat me like I have no value. He just laughed! I then proceeded to tell him he better open the garden center doors right now or he will never get another penny from me! He said he would not do that because they do not have enough cashiers for the garden center. I said that was unacceptable and that I will be waiting outside the garden center doors until they're opened telling everyone how you refused to service me! He laughed and walked away.

I sat outside the garden center doors for another 2-hour telling everyone not to shop Menards. The door never opened! The police showed up and told me I had to leave or I would be arrested for trespassing. I told them I will not! I have the right to use these doors! They arrested me! I cannot believe this! Menards is out of hand I will be suing them for all their worth for false imprisonment and refusing service! My name is Agnes A. Smith and I will not stand for such treatment! EVERYONE STOP SHOPPING MENARDS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $95000.

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So, the whole world revolves around you? I think you were the one with the attitude.

You could had gone in, and got everything you wanted, and asked for assistance, and I know they would had loaded all for you, and took it to your car.

You are a goof, and I am glad you acted like the fool, and got arrested.


hoping you enjoyed your jail stay for refusing to disperse!


Seriously? I work at a Menards store and I understand that if you do not get serviced right away, it can be frustrating.

But not everything can go your way. We are short staffed some-times, so we cannot have the garden center open all of the time. There have been many days, where cashiers call in and the other cashiers take the blunt of it. Because we are short staffed, we have to work harder and faster to try and free up the lanes so that way you do not have to wait.

Because cashiers call in, we have to try and keep everyone inside the store to do this.

I understand that you are upset that you could not use the garden center doors, but this is not the way to go about this situation.

Just because you are the guest, does not give you the right to treat another human being like they are below you, either.

You may think that you "pay our bills," but we work hard for the money we earn. Especially when we have to deal with hundreds if not thousands of rude people a day.

The manager did not refuse to service you. He stated that he did not have enough cashiers to open the garden center. Yes, that sucked for you, but it happens. He is not just going to magically pull a cashier from thin air, just so that you can check out there.

If you really wanted to make things simple on yourself, you could have went and acquired a Picking Ticket, so that way you could have went around the store and had someone else load it for you. I find it kind of funny that you didnt care how long you were going to be in the store (45 minutes you thought) but you still parked in a 15 minute only parking spot. How rude. Did you not think about anyone else who might need that spot?

I say once again, Menards did not refuse you service, nor did they imprison you. You had the cops called on you probably for making a scene and harassing people.

Not everything can go your way all of the time. Accept it.


Wow lady you are something. Why didn't you takethe 30 sec to walk through the store to the garden center? They even have a electric cart for lazy peeps like you!


Troll complaint and not even an amusing one.


I would have laughed at you too. Haha. Hope those two hours out front were fun.


What made you think the store manager was a male *** and would be interested is "servicing" an elderly lady? In most states he could be arrested for doing such a thing.


The peak of gardening is over. During slower times of the week there are no cashiers in the garden center and the doors to the parking lot are closed.

You access the garden center through the store.

When your name is on the front of the store you can have the doors open any time you want. Until then you can walk through the store like anyone else you crazy old bat.


You are the most idiotic shopper there could be. Obviously the doors were locked.

Use another door, that simple.

Hope your *** behavior has changed. For being an "elderly person" you would think you would have more common sense.