I recently bought a keyless entry Lockset. Had a new door installed..and put this. New Touch Pad entry

Tru-Bolt lock set on. The lock now longer works and the dead bolt will only partly release so we cannot get into our house using this lock. What angers me, is that there is no consumer complaint number to call and ask if this is an electrical problem or a mechanical problem.

So what do I do? Is there a place that has instructions to repair this malfunction,or where can I get the guarantee?

Jim Carriere

Fargo, ND


1-701-239- nine two one three

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These locks are a waste of money


Same thing happened to me. We have tried re-setting it and nothing works! Waste of money!


I have the same issue with that item.


Contact the door manufacturer maybe? or Menards? If nothing else, just to let them know about all the problems with TruLocks?

to Doc #1574040

Menards knows what the quality is. Tru-bolt is a name Menards uses for locks they have imported for their stores.

All the big box stores have a low price lock for people that don't want to pay the price of the higher quality locks they also sell. When you buy the lowest priced item on the shelf you shouldn't be expecting a high quality item.


Just AMAZING that soooo many people have major problems with this RUBBISH TRU-BOLT key pad lock. Same deal here....Brand new and with-in 6 months it is not working properly. I LOVE Menards but THEY are getting this back Monday morning.

to TRU-BOLT is RUBBISH #1460222

You buy the cheapest lock on the shelf, you'll get the lowest quality. You can step up to kwikset but take the plunge and spend the money on a Schlage lock.

Both tru-bolt and Kwikset have a motor that moves the locking latch. On the kwikset you have to turn the latch yourself. There are 2 big advantages with turning the latch yourself. First is the battery lasts longer.

Second is that you know your door is locked. With the motor driven latch, if the latch doesn't line up with the hole perfectly the door won't lock. Sure it will flash lights or beep but if you are in a hurry, hit the button to lock and walk away you may not notice the warnings the door din't lock.

If you pick up the packages you will also notice the Schlage lock is heavier as well. This is because the lock is thicker and much heavier duty than the tru-bolt or Kwikset.

to Anonymous #1491979

Of course, the Schlage is the easiest to get into in only a few seconds....


The quality is not the best for a door that does not get used that often it works OK I would not recommend for a exterior door


I made the mistake of purchasing a Tru Bolt deadbolt with touchscreen & remote. Bought this less than two years ago.

The first one lasted a few months and Tru Bolt sent me a replacement when the touchpad quit working. They also told me I was the only person to ever have a problem with this item.

Now my replacement just randomly beeps about once a minute and the touchpad does not work. This time when I called Tru Bolt they said they won't help because it is out of warranty and they already warrantied the unit for me once.

to HAW68 #1460225

Did you try changing the battery?


Just installed the same Trubolt electronic deadbolt. All the start up lights are as stated in the installation guide but the bolt will not work.

The bolt works with the keys just not electronically. Maybe this is why such a deep discount?? No motor action at all. The confirm indicator lights up twice (red) and nothing happens.

Put a call into the 800 number so we will see how fast they return my call. If no call today this thing goes back to Menards tomorrow.


My keypad won’t light on to type the code


Had an issue with my lock i called 1-800-860-1677 Lou was very nice and helped me reprogram the entire thing. Thank You


Had issue with door not locking or open. Heard 3 long beeps flashing red.

Just called customer service 1-800-860-1677 located in the user manual. Nice rep Lou walked me through the entire process to check the malfunction of the lock. Turns out I have a bad lock and he's sending me a new lock today.

Excited. Can't wait!

Keego Harbor, Michigan, United States #1319557

This like his only been used a few times and does not work I was ripped off at Menards

to Anonymous #1347624

Same with me


To those who want to claim that we were *** to buy this set instead of Kwikset or any other name brand - thank you for being Internet trolls. Apparently you do not have an issue with your lock because you bought a different brand.

However, I find it sad that you waste time on these forums tell people they are *** but you are the one wasting your life. If you have nothing to say to help solve the problem- then shut your mouth and stop typing.

Now I have a similar problem. The rain caused my keypad to short out. It randomly started beeping all night and then in the morning I dried the whole unit and replaced the batteries.

The unit beeped with each new battery but the keypad does not acknowledge that you touch it.

Trying to call today (sorry early and they are not open yet). Will post if they provide a how to fix.

for those looking Google Tru Bolt locks and you can find customer service number and search their sight for manuals..

to Anonymous #1574050

You were given the solution to the problem. Having worked there I can tell you the best solution is to take it back and buy another brand.

Sure you may get a fix that will last awhile but you are really better off exchanging it for a lock that will not continue giving you problems. There were a lot of problems and returns on the Truck-bolt locks and it was rare to see problems with the other brands.

Bayville, New Jersey, United States #1292275

1 855 259 5096. Number is on instructions

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