the panels for the door are bonded with an adhesive to hold them in place. the adhesive would probably work if it was properly applied but there are gaps in the adhesive and in some places there is no adhesive at all.

the door relies on the forming of the panels to keep the door flat when raising and lowering the door and if any of the glue gives away, the panel flexes and the panels break.

There could easily be hat shaped reinforcement strips across the width of the door on each panel and these could be screwed in place to keep everything in place even with a rotten glue job. this door is nothing but cheap trash.........

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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DON'T buy doors from menards! Unless you want to deal with these kind of problems, your better off paying more at lowes or Home Depot, at least customer service exists at those stores. Mastercrap doors have got to be the worst door in Amerika.


What kind of door are you talking about. Your compliant doesn't make much sense.


Thank you for your money and supporting the Chinese economy. We loved uninformed consumers at menards


Fail, I don't post with a visible location.