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I bought a deadbolt and handle combination and another door handle and I wanted them to be key alike . One employee helped me to set up , but she started to do the combination kit and I explained to her all she need to do with the single handle , and she was really snippy with me and she told me she knew what she was doing .

When she got done , I told her need check all three locks and one door handle lock did not work . She did another handle and we walk around the store . She brought all the packages and taped together . I asked her if she check all the doors lock because I have to drive 20 miles to get home .

she assured me that she checked and all work fine . But when I got home , checked and found out all of them don't lock and I can not use the key . I was very up set went back the store and asked for to talk with the manager . I was trying explained what was happened to me but he did not care and listened .

The manager told me that the employee told him all the key worked . She lied to him . I am a value customer at Bradley Menard for many years , because I always think that with the big name store like Menard will treat the customers friendly and nice . But really this time the manager acted like very rude to me , he did not listen me one word , did not want resolve the problem .

He told his employee refund money and want me get out of store quickly . I have never complained to any store before because I am a business man and very calm person . But this man is ridiculous .

You should know How the manager treat the customers .???? Jerry

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Milrite girl and manger, Terrible customer service.

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How about this? If you want a lock re keyed - pay a locksmith!!!

A retail employee being poorly paid and with 4 or 5 minutes trying did her best. I'm sure you thought that a $4 re key was a deal and didn't want to pay more.

This is the stupidest service Menards offers. Better yet just suck it up and use two keys!!!


You have a lot of spelling and grammar errors in your complaint, why should we take you seriously? I'm certain that you caused at least 50% of this problem.

You claim she was snippy and the manager was rude, how so? What about you? You had no condescension? Retail workers are belittled daily.

It gets very tiresome to deal with people with superiority complexes over and over every day for years. If you want good service you will get good service if you are a good guest/customer. You were dealing with a female employee I know from witnessing it for years that female workers at Menards are treated very poorly by males guest/customers. Many of the older males 40+ in age will treat a female Menards employee like they know nothing and will totally ignore what they have to say, but the second a male worker confirms it they will accept it.

Then there is the sexual harassment they deal with from these male guest/customers.

I'm absolutely positive you came across as another condescending dumb@ss and you received a little attitude back, now just imagine dealing with that EVERY DAY FOR YEARS. You freaked after one episode, you wouldn't last working 3-months at Menards.