i am a drive that delivered product to menards dc in shelby ia ---- got nothing but attitude and poor working relation- sat for over 8 hours waiting to get unload for half a trailer. will never haul or buy from this buisness again- have had same problems as problems as other consumers since i live 3 miles from their main dc and stores in eau claire wi please use other stores if you can!

only way to tell these giant companies there service is bad. dont know much more just trying to fill 100 word min thanks and ban menards

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Think about this, if the product that was on that truck was needed for a sale you bet your rear end they would have been on that truck ASAP and wouldn't have given it a 2nd thought. This truck driver and others like him make this country work, if it wasnt for him delivering MENARDS *** for them, they wouldn't have any thing to sell to the people so its a bunch of *** what all you are saying, there is no way in H*** that this place was that over ran with people to the point that would make them take 8 Hr's to get him unloaded. The bottom line is P** pore MGNT.


Truck Drivers :? LOL

So let me see if I understand what your saying

You want people to stop shopping at Menards because the employees were helping customers instead of unloading your truck ???

Stop being a whiney girl


Well shouldn't they have more people working there then? What if it was crazy busy?

THe truck would never get unloaded. I would think you'd have people who can unload trucks (as their first priority) and then help guests when there aren't trucks.

Oh wait, they want to cut cut cut payroll. The staff is about 1/2 as much as it used to be in the early 2000s.


I assume you are a driver delivering product to Menards. The reason you have to wait is the same people that unload your truck also load products for the customers that shop at Menards.

Who should come first, the customer or a driver delivering for a supplier. At Menards their customer comes first.

You need to keep in mind that Menards is your customer. Perhaps they should look for a new vendor that understands that the folks who shop at Menards make their pay check possible.

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