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I ordered 13000$ of goods on 9/27/17 and had it delivered was told i had to pay two delivery charges because they had to send two trucks. I also had to return items that were damanged beyond use.

On item is a range that as of 11/19/17 I still have not received.

Told it was on a slow boat from China. So they ordered me a so called upgraded model which was just a model that was on sale for the same price i paid for the other one and they still cant get it in a resonable time

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Why are you complaining about having to pay 2 delivery charges? Menards doesn't have delivery trucks.

Deliveries are hauled by independent carriers. Their trucks and drivers aren't free. If you have 2 trucks of product, you pay for 2 trucks. I doubt the range is coming from China.

If it's on a boat it would be an LG range coming from Korea. Menards and other appliance stores get their products from LG's warehouses. LG isn't very good about letting anybody know if the appliance isn't coming on their normal truck. The truck shows up and the packing slip shows backordered.

At that point the store can contact LG and they often aren't much help. If it isn't in the US warehouse they have to order it from Korea.

If it isn't in the Korean warehouse it has to be scheduled for manufacturing which can take 4-6 weeks and then another 3 weeks on the boat to their Texas warehouse and another week or 2 to get to the store. If you need your range quickly have them see if they can cancel the order and purchase something in stock.

to Anonymous #1484997

You must work for Menards

to Anonymous #1485110

What if I do? Just stating the facts.

I try to discourage people from ordering LG products that aren't in stock in the store or our warehouse. LG orders can be a real PITA just like this complaint shows. Items in a color other than stainless steel take the longest.

If you need an appliance quickly buy something in stock even if it means going elsewhere to buy it, this is true no matter here you shop. Just look at other stores complaints as well.

to Anonymous #1485320

I bought a stainless steel stove and it shouldnt matter if it's in stock at the local wharehouse. it still took 3 months.

They had them in Cali. It don't take 3 months to ship across the US even a stove. And they offered to upgrade to the next model so I let them. And they cancelled the first order and didn't bother to order the new one.

I also had my door special ordered counters and windows that didn't take that long.

As far as shipping they have there heads up there *** You order 3000 in cabinets and there at the store and they don't bother to ship them with the rest of the stuff. Your not going g to change my mind about how bad they dropped the ball.

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