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We got a Menards Big Card with the insurance that would pay your payment if you got laid off. My husband was laid off in Nov 2009 and we first was told we didnt have that insurance.

After looking at our bill we were charged for it. So about in Febuary 2010 I was told yes we did and they would send out the paper work. Didnt get it and didnt get it then finally in April we got it and I sent off and then I was told we needed a statement for his boss stating he had worked for 30 or more hours a week and at least 13 weeks before being laid off. First it wasnt on the letter head and they would not except it, got it on letter head and faxed if off then they put the infor on another account of ours (don't know what one only started the Menards one).

So I faxed it off again we are now into July. Didn't hear anything for a long time so called again and they said they would push it throught faster. Now they are saying it was never faxed and so it has been over 90 days and they will not pay for it. Complainted and Complainted but got now where with the Menards store.

I didnt have the phone bill which they requested (Faxed from another Business and I couldn't get it). I dont know how many times they said they had all the info and now they said they dont. I have 2 different letters with 2 different reference number. They are telling me on of those reference number does not belong to us.

It came from them.

So needless to say they scammed their way out of paying.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Heartless is a Menards executive writing insults to all who complain. Further proof of what a classless act Menards is. Get a life dude.


You do realize its 2012.