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I purchased an air conditioner from menards ( soleus ghee 6000 btu unit) the energy tag stated usage of 50.00 a year .

I used it for a couple months which increased my electric usage by 80.00 a month .

So according to my receipt,and menards I had 90 days to return for full refund then after that period I would recieve a voucher.

So I returned it before the time expired and they refused to take it off my charge card, but only would give a store voucher , even tho your receipt says they will refund , Dont believe it.

I faxed thier corp office with a complaint , with no answer so my charge card agreed to remove it from my charge card,(capital one )which I am thankful . so if you have a problem with returning something check with your charge card co , an see if they will remove it off your card . Luckily I used capital one :)and got a full refund , I still have the voucher but menards can have it back,, I will never purchase anything as a large appliance there again.

Monetary Loss: $158.

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are you serious? you should have not gotten any money back- it was used! obviously you did not tell the employee that, and they did not notice it was used.


Hey Muggsy, did you read the information following the asterisk on the product? You're like the annoying people that try to return a CFL light bulb after 5 years with receipt (yes, they keep a receipt for one lightbulb and the box for five years) showing me the box that says it lasts up to 7 years.

I have so much pleasure telling the cheap skates that the 7 years is based on the average usage of 3 hrs a day. And I bet that box said something like that as well...how long you run the AC.


OMG. you used it!

did you really expect your money back? do you buy new clothes and then take them back and expect a FULL REFUND? or one at all for that matter.

I as a customer would not want to buy something used and be expected to pay full price for it after someone like you got it new, used it, returned it after the need for it was over... oh yeah, that posted $50 cost for useage did NOT mean around the clock useage...


Hey muggsy read menards return policy and dont complain about the extra money per month it costs for your temporary "air conditioner for the summer". You were probably running it harder than the average person.


Boys, the rules don't make much sense.


Umm I see no truth , only false statements from mernards which was expected.

any way Im good with the situation I was refunded and that all that matters

Just remember Karma simon


Good. Proof that you were the one that screwed it up.

Justice served!! :p


as of sept 29th Ive received a response from BBB that was in contact with menards which said the AC was not defective during the period I used it , (which I have no idea how they know) but according to them they say it was dirty an not maintained (but it was maintained ) and they still refuse to refund to my charge card , but still acknowledge that a voucher is in order , I wouldn't recommend to anyone to buy at menards unless your covered by your charge card co. I will use a different store from now on


Next time you'll know better , you should have went to Lowe's and get American made products


and a junk product!!!!!!! thats clearly fraudulently labeled !!! energy saver


umm how ignorant can one be? it clearly stated on the receipt that a return would be approved until the date , I say if you don't want to do something dont post it on your receipt, an also if I was scamming Id just go with my CC taking it off my card , an or sell the voucher , its clearly principal !!!!!


You get cash back when you pay cash. Do you really expect ANY company to refund a charge card two months later?

That's nonsense. Sounds like you scammed the store


Thats what happens when you buy an air conditioner just for the summer. Then when it gets cool and you don't need it anymore you go return it.

Menards isn't a rental shop. You can go play your scam elsewhere.


Are you the barber?