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I was christmas shopping with my wife and two kids at menards tonight and had tried a hat on to see if it would be comfortable ,well as we went through the checkout lane and proceeded to get our rebate coupons i was told that i needed to come with the security guard and a manager at that point my wife realized why the menards and i mean it said menards on it along the tag hanging off the hat was still on my head i laughged and said oh yeah the hat i forgot all about it but apparently that was too late not even have left the store yet i was escorted my security and two others including a manager to the back room and they went on to question me about the hat as i told them this was just a simple mistake they said that it is standard procedure to detain me in the room and give me a 150 dollar fine or call the police on me.Only out of pure heartbreak of seeing my 2 year old daughter see the police take her daddy did i comply with this.This is by far the most disgusting thing i have ever been a seen a company do guess menards will do anything to get those low prices such as extorting their customers I do not plan on paying their fine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I think it's a simple mistake, but you should still not complain about paying the fine. It's like parking in a no parking zone and getting a ticket, *** I've even been towed in an unfamiliar city for parking in the wrong place. I didn't complain, because I knew I was wrong despite the simple error.


Weird. Wives usually leave weird people who put on plaid flap hats in menards, and their children usually end up hookin for college money. People usually pay for hats they try walking out of a store in too.


I had a situation where I was shopping at Menard's and a box of Turtle Wax (not one can-mind you, THE box of cans) fell on my head from 12-15 feet up on a shelf. I looked and no one was near-nothing else moved.

I instantly incurred neck pain and instant headache. AFter a scream and a cashier seeing this happen, she must have called for a supervisor. I sat down because I was not feeling so swell. I was on my cell phone at the time this happened.

It took quite a while for someone to come. They asked if I was hurt-of course-that thing weighed a lot.. The "supervisor" and his side-kick stood 8 feet from me. He said I could fill out a report at the desk.

Are you kidding? I REALLY wasn't feeling so good. He didn't even help me up off the floor. I'm 57 and in pretty good health.

What if Grandma or a small child was standing there. Good grief. The kid at the service desk filled out the paper and said I could not have a copy. Say what?

How do I know if it got to the right person? His handwriting was awful. I just wanted to get out of there. I can't even remember if I was asked if I needed medical help.

I really wasn't feeling well. I then went to the cashier and paid for my purchases. It was the cashier that saw it happen. She was sooooo nice and considerate AS was another cashier.

Why aren't THEY supervisors-they had way more compassion. I thought I could just go home and while walking through the parking lot-I really didn't feel good. I went straight to the hospital. Yes, I had a concussion.

Keep an eye on it. "Want an x-ray, lady?" no. I didn't want to make a fuss. My head was still attached.

I just want to go home. Well that was the beginning of a horrible journey. I have my own business and this was just before my biggest holiday- 4th of July. I had things to get done.

Headaches, neck pain, nausea, dizziness. ***. Who needs this. I ended up having a CT scan.

Yes, there is a concussion. What do I do? "Can't do much" it will go away. Let's cut it short---------lots of doctor visits.

Try to contact or FIND a real person at the top of Menard's. Good luck. The supervisor at the local store apologized for not ever knowing about this "incident" and said they would take care of any medical bills. He said he was replacing a previous bad manager.

He said he would look into it and contact me when he had the info. I NEVER GOT a call. A "How are you, Maam" would have even been nice. It is the end of December.

Happy New Year, you are going into collections. Lots of medical bills, not one call, no LIVE person to talk to. Hey Menards- I will NEVER shop at your stores because you don't care about the people who shop IN them. Talk to my lawyer.

And ya know what? I NEVER wanted to talk to a lawyer-you MADE me.

This was Sandusky, Oh Menard's. Your corporation can't work without the consumers.




This guy did nothing against the Law and should have not paid the fine or signed anything, he should have insisted the cops be called! Then he should have obtained a Lawyer to protect his good name.

At that point it would have not been about money and more about right vs wrong. Had this gone to court he would have won with out issue. If Wal-Mart is accusing people of stealing before they pass the point of purchase they could be in for a major law suit. I love how some of you idiots think a 150 fine for a 5-10 dollar error is justified.

None of you ever forget where you placed your glasses and found them on your head? A real thief would not come on here and complain about being caught.


What do you mean "he did nothing against the law"? He stole the hat.

He would not have won in court.

He went past the point of purchase when he went through the cash registers. Most people that "Try on" something take it off rather than wear it home without paying for it.


Actually, he was past the point of purchase. He said so himself, you ***.


So you say it was a mistake, and maybe it was. This is the problem with people today, they don't want to pay for their mistakes.

They want the world around them to just tell them "its okay." Well in this case you have to pay $150 for your mistake and I bet you won't make that mistake again. Learn for your mistakes, if that is what this was. You can be upset all you want with Menards, but every and I mean EVERY retailer processes these situations in the same manner.

Walmart can actually stop you inside of the store, just for concealing product. So now you know not to make this same mistake in ANY other place of retail business.


youre a *** troll shut the *** up get a life so you can worry about ur own problems.


By your response I can tell you completely understand how to function in an adult society. Good for you!

If you "try on" a shirt in Target and "forget" to pay for it, you are shoplifting.

So.....back to my original point, you would be shoplifting at ANY other retailer in the world based on your actions here. But hey, at least you are in America where they let you pay a fee to get out of trouble instead of cutting off your had!


He wasn't concealing anything - it was on top of his head, with the tag in plain view, & they hadn't even finished their purchase transaction. If he went out the door with the hat on his head, then yes - Menard's would have had a shoplifting case.

But pulling him out of line & demanding $150 or we'll call the police - that is extortion. And you're an *** for thinking it's anything else.


He didn't get pulled out of line. He said he had gone through the checkout line and went to get his rebate slips.

You get the rebate slips using the rebate numbers on you receipt.

It's not uncommon for a shoplifter to pay for some items and take some others. If it truly was a mistake, it is one he probably won't repeat soon.


yes, I'll pay for my mistake. Make me buy the *** hat...not pay extortion money.

$150 = ludicrous. Menards sucks...and not just for reason posted here.


Hey mistakes happen, but every day people "forget" they were stealing. You seriously couldn't tell you had a hat on when you came into the store without one?

And yes, people pay for some of their items and steal one or two items... it's actually the most common way people steal from retailers, so it is possible that is what somebody would be intending to do even if you say YOU weren't. Don't want a speeding ticket? Don't speed.

Don't want to be charged with shoplifting?

Don't put stuff in your pockets or wear articles of clothing around stores. Costly error in judgement.


Another menards fan i am posting this to try to warn u are u serious and yes i wore a hat into the store same ol hat i always wear that is why i was trying the hat on to see if i would be comfortable to be my new ol hat that i always were wear obviously it was a comfortable , the hat that i wore into the store was in the bottom of the cart underneath my wifes purse and i was writhing the check just FYI oh and by the way were u there did u see what happened? No u are probally a menards employee defending ur company i can understand that but u should know how menards treats its customers for sake go into their bathrooms and try to use their toilet paper that shows u how much menards really cares about their coustomers, at least at home depot and lowes i can get someone to help me. 'Dont wanna look dumb dont judge somebody when u dont know what the *** ur talking about.'


one size fits all, du!


OK, he forgot to take the hat off. Have you ever gone around looking for sunglasses and, later, found that you were wearing them on your head?

Or been unable to find you car kepys only to discover you left them in the ignition? No? Nothing at all like that? Really, get real.

It can happen to any of us. Maybe the cashier should have noticed it and

ASKED him about it before they checked out. The ol statement about the Customer always being right might apply here. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Save the prosecution of shoplifting for the guy who tried to run our teh door with a skilsaw stuffed in his underwear. Really.


menards headquarters, i recently call menards headquarters in eiu claire wiscounsion and appartently they will not even speak with you as the lady told me on the phone and complaints or questiioning of a menards manager falsley accusing u of shop lifting have to be in writing (which they wont even bother reading)So they can give u 150 dollar fine for accidently wearing a hat and forgetting you had it on (hat cost 3 dollars) but if you would like to discuss the event with menards you can only write them a letter, okay i going to insist on paying their scandolus restituion fee (manger probally looking to get a big christmas bonus)but i will do so only one dollar at a time lol makes about as much sense as they do people go to home depot this place is a joke and sells junk in my opinion.


Learn to spell you *** ***.


I've seen people "forget" they put a power tool in their baby stroller. Shoplifters will try anything. You may have not intended to steal but by doing what you did, you shoplifted. Again don't put yourself in a position to be accused by wearing products around the store or putting them in you pockets. You might "forget" you had done this and get caught for shoplifting.