Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Menards bag sale was going on and the store doesn't give out any bags. We do not receive bags in our mail.

So how am I suppose to get the sale prices??? I have bought the Menards green bags and asked if I could use that bag and was told no. I am a Big Card holder and our family spends alot of money at Menards. I guess this 20% off is pretty cheap on Menards part.

The items that would've qualified for that percent was $45.00 worth, so that little bit Menards couldn't give us? Also the clerk was rather rude, just bluntly said no bags are given and not in a nice manner either.

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Well if you live where I live the paper gets delivered when they feel like it. Menards any many other businesses I'm sure pay big bucks for advertising.

Little do they know many of these papers with bags/adds never get delivered.

I am one and hear it from many others. Very sad for everyone involved!!


My husband and I were at Menards today and was not impressed. Eager to help til they put your heavy items on a cart and walk away- leaving us to move 3 big carts to the front of the store.


it's a bag sale. how hard is that to figure out?

i like our 11% rebate so much more because there are no if's and's or but's about it. if you don't do rebates then you don't get your 11%. i had many people throw fits about how the bag sale worked it was more of a headache than anything fun for our guests. people trying to fit bags of salt and table saws and i even had a guy try to fit a ladder in it!

i know times are tough but then you shouldn't be shopping during a bag sale you should be saving your money or spending it on things you NEED.

it's people like this that make me not want to give out any kind of incentives for people to shop at menards. so many people are greedy and rude and don't appreciate the kinds of things we do that we really don't have to do.


The clerk was rude to you because you were being rude to him/her. You need the bag you can't use any bag.

If that was the case they would need to make expectations for everyone and they would lose a lot of money. As far as your entitlement issue; IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SPEND AT A PLACE. It means nothing. It gets you nothing.

It's people like you that anger me the most. You come storming in to our place of work as if you are entitled to something and treat everyone in your path like garbage then expect them to be nice to you back.....

You are the problem with the world..... Consider this your education.


Did you buy a Sunday paper?????? You get the bag when you buy the newspaper.

They are not going to give you one later.

And so what how much money you spend. Jesus.


The bags were their advertisement for the week in newspapers. I got one in the Sunday paper and each of the 2 local shoppers delivered to my home.

It clearly states that you need to bring the bag with you..."Bags are not available at the store."

They spend a lot of money getting these bag to people. If you don't subscribe to a paper or have local shoppers delivered to your home just run down to the corner store and buy a paper.


In my area the bag was distributed in the paper. There were limited number in the store but the workers were very nice about it. Especially Suzie at the front desk.