Clarklake, Michigan

I for one am done with menards and will not go back ever again... I was at menards several times and when I ask for help i just wait and wait and it never comes and i walked out of there and went to lowes to spend my 600.00 on heat supplies.

Then my wife went to go pick up 6 sheets of drywall and they said yes we have people to load it for her and guess what they never showed up and she loaded it her self.

Also the price at lowes I found was lower in price. Now in addition I am a handicapper and the menards here doesn't even have handicapper carts.

Like I said I am done...

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Your wife must be a BEAST to be able to load drywall by herself!! Yikes!!


Every store at least has a wheelchair for people to use, but if you need one that badly then shouldn't you already have one of your own? The worst thing that could've happened to Menards was getting that damned electric cart.

Now, as comment number 4 said, all the fat (almost morbidly obese) people use it to sit on their lazy *** and scoot around. These are the people that could obviously use the exercise...


Now this is just crazy, every store at least has a wheel chair, so maybe the correct complaint would be that you're too lazy to actually put forth some effort to move yourself around the store...when we see you WALK into the building. If your issue is that your hands or arms are handicapped then you wouldn't need the motorized chair in the first place.

And what do you do when you're at home or when you need to walk your dog???? Really, cmon people.


Each store by now has at least one electric cart. You are not the only handicapped person in the world....ask and wait your turn. Simple as that.


none of them do and they never will.i know this because i uesd to work for them.


menards needs to offer handicapped carts for their disabled customers. I was in there a long time ago prior to needing a handicapped cart and I actually overheard the employees talking in the back that they dont want old fat retard shuffling around the store and never buying anything.