Rockford, Illinois
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I ordered 2 vanity tops on a Sunday. The total was about $1900.00.

I changed my mind, so on Tuesday I went back to cancel the order. They charged me $450.00 restocking fee. The vanity top order had not even been processed yet. I knew this was my fault and expected to be charged something but not $450.00!

Needless to say I don't shop at Menards anymore. Their greed cost them a good customer who would of spent well over $450.00 there if they had treated me fairly.

(Also $79.00 delivery fee plus extra to carry upstairs is a little high. It's not like I live 50 miles away!)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am curious as to know how you would feel if you knew that you pay for a delivery everytime you buy a box of nails. Company's that offer "free" delivery have to pay for that expense one way or another and it's not out of the CEOs pocket.

The reason that I like Menards is because you get exactly what you pay for no extra charge for others delivery or stock holders that want new bugattis. They always and forever have been completely upfront about all of their polices. I truely worry about the future of our country with the number of ignorant consumers/Americans that are physically and mentally unable to ensure they have purchased the correct product before they throw away $2000. I expect my 2 year to not understand the value of a dollar but not an adult that is expected to teach the future of our country.

Watch the movie Taken and take some notes from Liam Neeson who bought only a karaoke machine. Good luck


Your order was processed and sent to the manufacturing plant the minute you paid at the register. After 2 days the production on your tops may have already started.

At this point they can't be canceled and will be shipped to the store. Your were charged a restock charge as these custom tops being made to size for your vanity will be sold for a fraction of what they are worth in their bargain area. Stores shouldn't have to take the total loss because you can't decide what you want before you order it. The restock charge is clearly explained on your order form and you signed an acknowledgement of the terms of the order when you paid for it.

As far as the delivery charge goes a delivery service has to buy trucks worth 40-50 thousand dollars, pay insurance, gas, maintenance and someone to drive it. Basic delivery charges are off the back of the truck. If you want to pay for the additional time it take to carry your product in the house, that is your choice. How do you expect a delivery service to pay for all these things without charging for them?

How were you not treated fairly?

Do you feel it's fair to Menards or any other retail store to order custom products and expect them to take the loss when you change your mind? It's people like you that drive the cost of goods and services up for everyone else.


What in the world is wrong with you? You sound as a cheerleader for the way this customer was treated.

maybe you need to experience the wrong doing of the store management sometime. There is no reason for this customer to pay one red cent for this. I couldn't care less about the stores policy.

I encourage anyone who will listen to shop Lowes or Home Depot, they do not treat customers the way Menards does. By the way you need to get a life!

@Over the top

Nothing is wrong with me. I realize that retail stores are in business to make money.

Stores that don't charge a restock or order cancellation fee only pass the loss caused by someone who can't make up their mind on to the rest of us. If you don't mind paying out of YOUR pocket for this persons inability to make a decision before they sign a purchase agreement why don't you just send them a check.

I for one, don't want to support the poor buying decisions of others. If they can't understand the order they are agreeing to including the restock charge that is spelled out in the agreement they shouldn't be making the purchase.