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Just got home from menards with a small freezer that i hauled in the back of my new s.u.v. i am very upset.

Thanks for ruining my day. The attendant at the exit gate opened the back of my s.u

V. To make sure i wasnt stealing. Okay thats normal procedure.

But then he slammed it shut. I mean hard. This is the first new vechicle i have ever purchased and you can tell by looking at it how well i take care of it. This guy didn't know better or was pissed off or what.

You don't treat other people's property like that. Grow up

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: Train your help better.

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really? shutting a door too hard does not hurt your vehicle.


Guards working the gate are contracted from a company, Menards has no liability for anything they do. On another note it's amusing when people complain about people not loading something, but then they will complain if something is damaged when it is loaded.

Here is my tip DON'T ALLOW OTHERS TO TOUCH YOUR VEHICLE EVER, this is the only way to solve such a problem. You should have opened and closed it, very simple.


You don't say he damaged your vehicle, just shut the tailgate harder than you would have. The force required to shut the gate varies from vehicle to vehicle.

He just wanted to make sure it was shut tight.

My guess is you would have been here complaining if he shut it too softly and it didn't latch tight as well. If you are so picky as to how your vehicle is handled I agree with the previous poster...get out of your vehicle and shut it yourself.


Did he damaget your vehicle in some way? And if not, but areally concerned about the way people close your trunk.

Maybe you should get out of the vehicle and do it yourself. Many trunks, tailgates, and hatchea require alot of force to close properly.