Bought a fridge and a mattress today at Menard's. We were going to have them delivered, but the sales associate told us we could rent their truck for 75 minutes for $19 and it would be much cheaper.

He told us that the good thing about it was that your 75 minutes won't start until you leave the lot. This was not true apparently. I brought back the truck in just over an hour but they tried to charge me extra for bringing it back late. The girl at the truck rental desk insisted that the clock starts from the time I rented the truck.

Never mind the fact that it took more than a half hour for them to find my purchases and load them on the truck. The truck it In fact never shop there at allself was a piece of junk with a tailgate that would not close.

I refused to pay any extra and had to get a store manager involved. I will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

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You should have asked the person at the rental desk. Your fault for not double checking.


Pretty sure that varies by location, at the Menards in my town they are pretty good about honoring the time you actually leave the lot being the starting time for the rental.