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Update by user Dec 23, 2017

After much lost time and unnecessary irritation, Menard's took 3 days to issue me a credit. I suspect that they waited until they got notice from my bank that the charge was being denied anyway. Customer dissatisfaction continues unabated.

Update by user Dec 23, 2017

final outcome: 1.I protested the charge. My bank was unable to resolve the fraudulent charges on my account, and could not get an answer at their customer service department.

2. I got an email the next day that gave me a valid order number, although their website continued to show only the invalid order number for my order. 3. I emailed Menard's a complaint, and an inexcusably short response: "I'll look into it".

This person never responded to me again. 4.

Although I got an email notifying me that my order had been cancelled, it took them 3 days to credit my charge card account. No apologies for poor service have ever been offered.

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2017

Don't bother making an online order. It is a waste of time, because the order will be billed to your charge card, but won't be sent to the store.

When you go to the store with your paid confirmation receipt, they will deny your order and tell you it never happened. At least that is what happened to me. Now I have to protest the fraudulent charges at my bank. I will grudgingly admit that their staff was quite pleasant the whole time and tried to solve the problem...unsuccessfully.

Separate issue: These people seem to think they are entitled to search your vehicle when you leave. They wanted me to let them search my trunk while they were holding me in their secured area, despite the fact that I was with their employees the entire time I was there. They politely forget to tell you when you go in the compound that they intend to do a search when you leave. I refused, they let me out anyway.

3rd issue: I discovered that if you want any building materials, you must place your order for stuff sight unseen, then drive around back, clear security to get in and load, then beg to get out again by letting them strip search your car for purposes unknown. That's right!

They don't give an excuse, they just state that "We need to search your car. OPEN THE TRUNK!" It doesn't matter that you have already given them your receipt and they can see the material you purchased in plain sight.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: People were pleasant.

I didn't like: Refused to let me have product that was paid for.

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If you look at returns made with a credit card the returns tend to process slower through the bank than purchases do, doesn't make any difference where you shop.


Notice to all that read this review:

pissed consumer .com isn't just here to allow unhappy consumers to vent their complaints. They like to take your complaints about various merchants and turn these complaints into profit by allowing the offended merchant to pay them for deleting or modifying the complaints.

As best I can tell, when you complain here, you are giving this website more ammo to blackmail a merchant with. The merchants can apparently buy opportunities to remove a complaint or respond to complaints in some sneaky way that doesn't look like a fair resolution to the original complaint.

From my perspective, that is just wrong. To the extent that my complaints are hitting Menard's in their pocket? I am ok with that.

Read more here, at a reputable reporting agency: consumeraffairs .


No, this link won't connect for you.

Edit the spaces out & give it a "w ww." at the front. I'm betting that this comment either gets deleted, or my entire complaint thread does.


When you place an order to be picked up at the store you need to wait for an e-mail from the store saying it is ready. Is that what you took to the store or just a copy of your original order?

If you didn't wait for the e-mail from the store the problem is that you failed to follow directions.

As far as your not liking their security protocol when picking up materials in their yard, stay out of the yard with your vehicle. Only a criminal would object to having their vehicle inspected.

to Anonymous #1413053

No. wrong.

This is just more lies passed on from a Menard's representative.

My message clearly stated to wait 20 minutes prior to attempting to pick up the order. I waited about 2 1/2 hours. I ALSO received a commitment from the website to receive an email, which curiously did not arrive until 7:30am the next day.

Sadly, their website is so poorly run that my portal on their website still didn't show my "correct" order number even at 11am, long after I had received the email. Even if I had not followed their instructions, shouldn't the staff at the pickup center realize how the system worked?


I will even repeat what I have previously posted here: A department manager did a search on my credit card number. Their computer system denied that I had ever posted a charge with their company, despite the fact that they had already sucked the money out of my bank.

Face it, jerks. Your online & customer service is lousy and your website doesn't work right.

Furthermore, I believe that this website is infested with shills that work for Menard's.

Only a representative for the company would defend all these problems without even acknowledging that these observations could be partially correct. This approach to customer sales is clearly "take advantage of the weak, and bully the rest."

to Anonymous #1413434

Don't know why people that are going to the store even bother with the buy on line pick op in store BS anyway. If you're going to the store, just go in and buy what you want.

Much faster than searching the web and going through the hassles at the store.

Obviously Menards isn't the only store with problems, just look at the Lowes complaints. If you're too lazy to pick the product off the shelf, have it shipped to your home.

to Anonymous #1413486

You have a limited understanding of other shoppers' desires. You might find greater happiness in life if you tried a little harder to understand their particular situation.

It is a talent called empathy, and you do not seem to have much of it.

Some folks just don't like to deal with clerks in a store. Others (like myself), hate standing in line. Some folks are handicapped, and don't like to walk around shopping.

Others folks might just really prefer to purchase online. I will admit that the hassle I experienced was much worse than just going to the store. DID YOU READ THE TITLE OF MY REVIEW, or is you just stoopid?

Is "in store" shopping faster than shopping in the store? No chance of that being true!

In my particular case, I could have driven much more conveniently to Lowes, Home Depot, or a whole host of roofing material vendors. Menard's was the only store that had what I was looking for, and I found it quicker than I could even drive to their location. Had I not found it online, I would have never even expected them to have it, so I would not have gone there to check for availability.

I purchased online because I wanted to confirm inventory availability and lock in the purchased material. Well...that didn't work out so well.

After I discovered where to get what I wanted, my purchase satisfaction went tumbling off the customer service cliff into the deep, dark waters of "how do I get my money back out of these fools".

As a further clarification, my order wasn't supposed to have the product "picked off the shelf". That service wasn't offered nor expected. So...no laziness involved. I would like to add that shipping is slower and adds to the purchase price.


For those folks that read these reviews, I would like to point out that once again the commenter that I am replying to has insulted me by calling me lazy and dismissing my valid complaint with an argument that essentially states that I shouldn't have used the online service to begin with. Why! Why do all the responses here at this website deprecate the original poster?

Please be advised that if you reply with some dumb-assed comment, I will call you out on it. Your satisfaction with your feeble cyber-bullying will soon be diminished when I point out the obvious errors in reasoning that you have posted.


If you are saying it took 3 days for the credit to show up on your card, that's the way banks work. A charge shows up right away but it usually take a few days after the store issues credit for it to show up on your account. This is true anywhere you shop.

to Anonymous #1409302

No, it doesn't. When it takes them 3 days to issue a credit it takes 3 days.

It only took them 15 minutes to post the debit, so it is pretty obvious that it goes faster than that.

I am a merchant as well as a consumer.

When I issue a credit on someones card, they can confirm that credit on their bank card within minutes. The fact that you routinely don't see credits from vendors is due to the fact that they take their own sweet time doing it.

to pdqdl #1409325

I've probably spent more years in retail than you have been alive. Stores process sales and refunds in the sales manor.

It's the credit card companies and banks that don't post the credits as fast as they post sales. Not the stores fault.

to Anonymous #1413060

Again, the fact that stores usually take 3 days does not mean that it must take that long. This is part of a system that chooses to err on the safety side for the vendor.

When I issue a credit on MY companies charge system, the customer has it in moments.

They can check their card balance right away, and my credit is there. No, it doesn't take days to show up unless the vendor chooses to do it that way.

Stop defending the store.


So far, every idiot that has responded to my original review has acted in defense of the merchant. Not a single one of you has addressed the merchant's *** service, and all of you "anonymous" chumps have defended their loss control practices.

The lot of you need to understand that forcibly detaining anyone or searching them (or their property) without any tangible evidence of theft is both illegal and unwise.

It exposes the perpetrator to criminal charges and it exposes the merchant to civil litigation.


Anyone else who feels compelled to defend the merchant: try to quote actual legal cases or law rather than just making unsupported assertions.

So far, this website is sounding like it is infested with agents that represent the merchant's interests. I am disappointed, and will investigate other areas of this website to see if this is a pattern.

to pdqdlhome_48 #1408833

here is some case law for you:

Gillett v. State, 588 S.W.2d 361, 363-64 (Tex.Cr.App.1979)(search of customer on exit from a dressing room displaying similar warning);  Lewis v.

Dayton Hudson Corp., 128 Mich.App. 165, 339 N.W.2d 857, 860 (Mich.App.1983)(no expectation of privacy in presence of such warnings);  U.S.

v. Edwards, 498 F.2d 496, 500 (2d Cir.1974)(search of airline passenger baggage reasonable because of sign announcing that passengers and luggage were subject to search)

to Anonymous #1409309

Without including some of the contents of your citations, your comments are not exactly valid. All you are doing is causing me to look up some case law that you have undoubtedly drawn an erroneous conclusion from.

Even in a court of law, the attorney citing the case is obliged to explain why it relates to the subject under discussion. You have failed to meet that requirement.

Also: Any reference to searching baggage to get on an airline simply doesn't apply here.

This is a public safety issue, and is not related to protecting merchants from theft.

Jeez! If you don't see how that case fails to relate to our conversation about merchants searching customers...I must conclude that you are unqualified to argue the point.

to Anonymous #1409327

How is this a public safety issue? If you choose to enter a secured area on private property you need to follow their policies. What are you trying to hide in your vehicle that you don't want them to find?

to Anonymous #1409317

I looked up your case references. Thanks!


I found this decision from the Iowa court of appeals.

Twelve people sued Menards over illegal search and detention by Menards, including the validity of vehicle searches exiting the lumber yard.

Except for the case of the guy that tried to drive through the barricade, the court held that Menards isn't entitled to search your car, regardless of whether they had a sign up or not. Menards lost on most of the other cases as well, at least with regard to whether or not they were able to detain & search people without just cause.


Take a look at the signs outside the entrance to the yard. You will find it tells you your vehicle is subject to inspection when you leave.

As far as looking at the materials you are purchasing, there is nothing stopping you from walking thru the store and into the yard (other than sheer laziness) and looking at the materials before you order them.

The reason they look in your trunk is to keep people from stashing hundreds of dollars worth of tools they didn't pay for in their trunk. If you are an honest person and aren't stealing anything there should be nothing to object to, only a thief has anything to worry about.

to Anonymous #1407952

No, there are no signs at this location.

Besides, putting up a sign doesn't entitle anyone to capture people and houhld them until they submit to invasive search. That takes a signed consent form.

to pdqdlhome_48 #1408176

Why don't you just shop somewhere else then?

to Anonymous #1408494

This was my first and last visit. Your wish is granted.

Your remark is ignorant.

The purpose of this website is to allow pissed consumer a forum to announce their poor experiences to the world. Your remark completely fails to address the problems, and only asks a sarcastic question about future plans.

I suspect that you are only a canard for Menard's.

to pdqdlhome_48 #1408179

This has been happening for years and years. I remember my dad having it done in the 60's.

So if it is illegal or against your rights, why do they still do it. Learn the laws before you start posting stupid crap like this.

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