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In September we ordered a new kitchen from Menards spending around $7000.00. During the ordering process we caught a few mistakes of Menards but we were really counting on Menards for their expert advise.

When the counters arrived we ended up with two counter tops with different edges, one counter top the wrong size and one exposed edge that didn't have any trim. Menards agreed to replace the top without an edge and cut to the wrong size. When the new counter top arrived the size was correct, but the edge was still exposed. Menards agreed to send an edge that I would have to glue on.

This arrived two weeks later. After all was installed, this is what we have: 1. a kitchen that was delayed by 5 weeks and during this time we didn't have a sink because this was the problem counter top. 2.

We have two different edges on the tops. 3. We have a counter top with a loose edge. 4.

we have a counter top with a defect. When we sent Menards customer service a 3 page letter describing all of the issues, they blamed it on the counter top manufacture. The counter top manufacture blamed it on Menards. Menards then offered us a $25 dollar instore credit and closed the complaint.

So we spent $7000.00 and have a screwed up kitchen and Menards takes no blame. We are now working with Lowes on the bathroom renovation.

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I love Menards and have never had a problem with them at all. This complaint sounds a little sketchy to me!


This happened at the Effingham Illinois store. I like Menards as well but they totally screwed this order up and would not own up to it. It was a total lack of customer service that caused weeks of delays that they got them this post.


Same boat here. Ordered countertops, they were completely warped and uninstallable.

had to re order, took 2 weeks longer than first batch. had no sink for that whole time. new ones came in chipped and warped again. told us to put weights on it to flatten them down.

after countless trips, complaints, nothing was ever done to rectify the situation.

disgusting. facet we bought for sink, stopped working already too.


OMG! Which Menards location did you work through...we are in the process of placing an order through Menards...thank you for your input! signed Concerned!


Effingham Illinois


The big key to a successful order with Menards or any store is to carefully review your order. Read the contract.

Make sure all the items you want are on the order. If there are things you don't want say something before the order is signed. In the case of countertops or cabinets there are drawings as part of the order. Closely look at them.

The edge styles are listed for each piece of top. It will show if the ends are capped, just a straight cut of if corners are rounded or angled. If you are dealing with a contractor to install them, have the contractor review the order before you sign it. Their orders are a binding contract that has been designed to hold up in court.

Don't depend on their sales people to know that you understand what you are ordering. If you aren't familiar with the products you are ordering get someone who is to help you place the order.

The salespeople will ask you questions to try and determine what you want, but if you don't understand the product or the terms involved with the products and answer the questions wrong you may not get exactly what you want. Unfortunately this isn't the fault of the salesperson or the store, and this is true of anywhere you shop.


It was the sales person that did the design and placed the order. This was more than just an order issue. Product from the factory was shipped wrong as well as design issues.


I can so relate to this my husband and I couldn't wait to redo our kitchen and we needed new countertops we ordered from menards thinking nothing of it and well we waited almost two weeks and at this time we took apart are old stuff so we could put in the new well as we picked up our purchase they looked nice from outside took them home and they looked half *** the edges wrong and not finished and cut was a bit wrong. Whoever menards goes through they suck and was not even the size or fit that was so wrong it was the sloppy put together product we got I think a *** monkey can do a better job!

Now we stuck with these cause we can not wait for replacement and we have to fix there mistakes ourselves . This is a waste of money and time and we was so looking forward to our new countertops and got junk!


That company in WI that Menards blamed is own by Menards (the family).


Just to throw in my two cents here, menards works off your measurements. They design the countertop on the computer with you right there.

A company up in Wisconsin actually produces the countertops. Nothing is made at the store level.


Pay att [dont beleive it] it was a whole kitchen not just counters


I make custom countertops and can tell you the only way to purchase laminate countertops is to find a guy like me. I make the countertops on the job so they fit perfect to out of square cabinets and walls.

I do not advertise so to find a guy like me is either referal or I get a lot of calls from Angies List customers. Pay the $40.00 Angies List charges and you have a good referal base for all the trades along with comments about contractors from customers.

Good luck, thanks for reading. :)


Angie's list had been a good independent source for reviews but no that the get revenue from booking contractors work it's hard to believe their reviews aren't slanted toward the contractors that book through them.


He said 7,000$ kitchen as in all material for kitchen. Most the replys on here r from a corprate menards employee that gets paid to reply to these complaints to justify how crapy they are at business.


no undermount sink with laminate counters, will never last


Use a qualified contractor, not a big box store

@Precision Plus

Not all of us can afford private contractors. This is our third kitchen we have redone, and the installation of the countertops is different with this manufacturer and leaves a lot to be desired...

my husband spent all day yesterday trying to make the "CustomCraft™ Countertop Dual Action Fastener' system work...

not watching a video they say to checkout webpage, but you guessed it, the name/site is for sale. We have been happy with everything we have purchased (done) with Menards till now.


We have experienced a similiar problem to yours. We purchased countertops from Menards also.

They sent them with the wrong cut outs, leaving us without a sink as well! They agreed to fix their mistake and resend the countertop.....but would do nothing more. We sent a complaint form in and heard nothing back from them!!

I would NEVER purchase from this company again. VERY bad service!


any comments on an undermount sink with laminate countertops? menards sells them but lowes and homedepot says u shouldn't.


I have never seen laminate counter tops that cost 7,000 dollars for only 1 kitchen in my life! Wow you must have a 2,000 sq ft kitchen that is made up of all counter tops.

I am not sure how Menards does things...but I do design kitchens for my job and the average laminate order runs 500-2000 dollars. Hmmm maybe your exagerating just a little????