Wyoming, Michigan

I purchased a lawn mower that did not work and because I put gas in it they would not let me return of exchange it. Apperently it is their policy that if you put gas in any item purchased there then they will not accept it.

Instead I have to take it to a shop that is 30 miles round trip to have them look at it and if the ploblem is under warranty then it will be fixed free of charge otherwise I will pay to have it fixed. And oh by the way they are back logged for 2 weeks.


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I am a cashier at one of the Wisconsin stores. It CLEARLY states at the bottom of the reciept our gas powered item return policy. If you put gas in it, it's yours.



So never buy a gas powered machine since you don't know if it works UNTIL gas is put in it

Glad you don't work in my store. Any person who works customer service (which cashier is) & calls their customers retarded needs a different job.


Most high dollar items that you buy anymore will say right on them "DO NOT RETURN TO THE STORE" It will give you a number to call. This is not the retailers rules per say its the manufacturer.


What Chuck said! Manufactures recommend this return policy on gas powered equipment because people buy the item and jack them up because they're clueless on how to properly use such equipment.

Chuck is also correct on Home Depot and Walmart having similar policies.

If you did not cause the issue it will be repaired! I would like to add it's listed on your receipt this is the policy and posted all over the area where the lawn mowers are stocked.


Sorry, but that is their policy due to people abusing gas powered items and ruining them. the companies that sell to Menards will not allow them to take these things back. It sucks, but HD and Walmart has similar policies too