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I ordered 3 interior doors from Menard's Master Craft ( I'm told that Master Craft is owned by Menard's) When I received the doors I discovered that the latch was not moriset into the door the factory and the store said that they do that because all latches are a different size (if you buy a door at Home Depot or Lowe's they put them in for you) I was told by Menard's that they sell new door handles that will work without the moriset WOW what a gimmick to sell you all new door knobs. Also be prepared to do Allot of sanding on their doors. As far as customer service forget it pay the extra money and go to Lowe's or Home Depot.

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If this reviewer could write in the English language, the review might be understandable.

As a master carpenter, all I could understand is that this reviewer doesn't have any idea how to install a prehung door.


Doors are ***. I bought pre primed interior doors with obscured glass panels.

Firstly, I had to sand through the primer to smooth out the multitude of plainly visible finger joints. Also the raised grain was so visible that it looked like it had hardly had one pass through a planer. To cap it off, long cracks appeared in the surface within a week of bringing the doors home. Just spent over an hour trying to remove the primer coated plastic sheet covering one of the glass panels.

Can't stand "did you find everything OK" numbnuts at Home Depot, so it's back to least worst option - Lowes. I should have known it would be like this, though. A couple of weeks earlier I'd had to pay an extra $75 for a special delivery of oak treads and risers because that $75 "would guarantee that the manufacturer would carefully package them so they would not arrive damaged." When I went to pick them up at Menards they couldn't find them in the warehouse. Why not?

Because they were sat outside in the *** down rain!

By the way they were special delivery - because they didn't have enough in stock. Meanwhile the ultra rich *** who owns the *** hole is laughing at all us plebs on his yacht.


I also got ripped off buying Interior Doors from Menards. I ended up losing $300 by returning Interior Cherry Wood Doors that the Salesman had told me were the right doors. The doors were not the correct size and could not be installed.

Unfortunately, Menards Salespeople know nothing as far as Home Improvement/Construction. If they do recommend products they should stand behind it and not penalize Customers for their own mistakes and lack of proper knowledge..

As far as Customer Service, you can Forget About It!!! Menards doesn't even have a clue as to how to provide Customer Service...

I've learned my lesson and will only shop at Home Depot or Lowes for now on. I'd rather pay a little more for their better Customer Service.


I don't see the issue. Sounds like the rantings of a customer unfamiliar with diy projects. Be prepared to do a lot of sanding on any wooden door if you want a truly professional final finish, even light sanding between coats of finish/paint.


I agree with you here. Sounds very unfamiliar with DIY projects.


The Mastercraft doors have always been sold set up for a drive in latch which is an accepted way to prep a door for a lock. Not their fault you didn't ask.

You'd be complaining if they mortised for the latch and the locks you had now were drive in latches.

You will also find some mortised latches require a square mortise and some have rounded corners. if you want to used a mortised latch with a Mastercraft door you can always prep the door for a mortised latch to match what you have.