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I purchased two Tru Bolt locks from Menards. These are simple security or locker type locks opened with a key.

The two locks also have a battery inside with an audible alarm that activates when the lock is moved ever so slightly. I purchased the two locks in September of 2012 and placed the two locks onto my utility trailer. In May of 2013 I went to the trailer to remove the yard equipment and found that the tumblers in both locks were loose and came out of the lock when I inserted the key. Upon examination I found the pins used to secure the key lock had fallen out of the lock case over the winter.

I had also zip tied the locks to the doors of the trailer and nothing was disturbed or tampered with. I paid about $19.00 a lock for what turned out to be really cheap *** sold at high prices.

I have now went back to the tried and true basic Master locks. Don't waste your money on anything Tru-Bolt at Menards.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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tumblers for keyed locks can start to catch after only a couple year's use. inside key was stuck and my wife twisted it off; I tried the outside keyway - stuck.

Had to tear out the tumbler.To trulocks' benefit, it was very difficult and if I didn't have access to the inside and outside, I may have not been successful.To the guy above - did you secure the tumblers with the little set screws that should have been included? They are tuff and took a lot of abuse before I could rip them out of the door (little set screws still didn't break)


Bought a key less lock for the front door.I selected it because you could use a key also if it ever failed.So much for that line of thought because when it failed the key failed also.Had to bust the glass in the door to get in.Save your money they are junk.


Locksmith here, just picked up said lock because have been hearing about it. Its a good idea but poor execution.

To the person who said you get what you pay for, not true in this case. Most of master is junk to but the Tru Bolt has made its own level below that, this should be 5$ or under at best. Same thing happened, upon using the key the control pin which holds the plug in the housing just drops out, no threading or anything. No chance this thing is weather proof as it states also.

If your gonna go Master, go high end, their 30$ plus locks do have security pins and are miles ahead of this brand which is so awkward to say about master. And consider how much your trailer is worth, a one time buy of an actual high security lock, Abus, Abloy, Brinks, or American lock. American lock and Master are the same company by the way.

But back to what i was saying, consider how much value your wanting to secure, and buy a lock that make since to that. A 100$ lock to protect something 1k-5k$ isnt a bad deal or idea at all.


Tru bolt locksets are cheap and JUNK. Like MOST of the stuff at menards.

You DO get what you pay for.

Go with name brands like Schlage And Quickset. GUARANTEED for life


Will Larsons doors accept a Master, Brinks, American, etc. in place of the TruLock ?


So you paid 20 per lock. you got exactly what you paid for...JUNK.

If you did not want junk go price shop at a locksmith for a quality lock. It would cost at 50-100 dollars maybe more. Now to be fair you could have chose they way you did because you are trying to strech your income as far as you can.

Either way you got the quality to match the price. For this I do not feel real bad for you.



I'd suggest you take a look at the next "Made in the USA" ad that Menards puts out...some of the items made in this great country aren't exactly top-of-the-line products since everyone here now seems to be lazy beyond belief with a severe case of entitlement to everything in their wildest dreams.


Menards sells cheap products throughout the store. Service matches the cheap products too! Menards is nothing more than a Chinese outlet store.


And for cheap prices you get cheap products. :grin


FWIW - I can usually make cheap products work, but it takes some sweat. Really cheap can't be reinforces, ground or polished down, etc. to make them work.


You claim it was sold at high prices, that is impossible. Tru-bolt is Menards bottom of the line product.

It's the cheapest option for paddle locks and door locks... If you're going to make an argument you may as well be honest about it.

The reason you bought Tru-bolt in the first place was because it was so cheap compared to masterlock... Just remember this because most Menards shoppers don't get it, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!


still it should work

poor quality is poor quality


or because it was part of a name-brand door that was sold at Menards? One can buy a custom exterior handle set, but the inner lock was part of the Larson door set. IOW - give 'im a break.