Metropolis, Illinois

I recently made a special trip to your Shilo Illinois,mind you I live 45 mins. away,I went there to get the All detergent that was advertise in one of your mail out cards, no where on the card did it say it started at a certain day, all it said was good thru July13th.The store would not honor it and said it wasn't on sale until tomorrow.

I ask the manger to show me where it said that on the card and she was very smart about it.

I think this is very bad business, if it is to start on a certain day it should say that.There was other people there that was trying to buy it also, so I wasn't the only one fooled by your ad.I have been a regular customer of menards but I am VERY Upset over the way the manger handled the situation. Thank You for your time

Doris Warmack

Sparta Ill

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I work for menards and I constantly get "I had to drive X minutes to get here!" Sorry, but we have no control over that and to use that as an excuse doesn't make a bit of difference to us. And to call us all "hoodlums" is classic costumer stereotype.

I swear some of you people walk in to the doors hating us.

We're people too. Remember that.


Why would it matter how far you had to drive? Menards did not pick the place you live.

If you want to drive less to go shopping, try moving.

Why on earth would you drive an hour and a half to save a few bucks on detergent? Doris, use your head and stop harrasing the employees of Menards.


"C" obviously works for this store that doesn't care about making customer's happy. They only want your maximum dollar for their minimal service.

Especially hiring this hoodlum. Stop harassing the hoodlum and shop elsewhere.


Good God how much detergent were you going to buy? To drive 45 mins one way to save a little, You undoubtly spent more in gas then you saved on the detergent? What an ***


All Menards Ads/Flyers have a start and end date posted on them.


Pull out their ad again and look at it. They all have a beginning and end date somewhere on the ad. In some areas the newspaper only delivers once a week and you may get the ad a day or 2 before it starts....better that getting it halfway through the promotion.