Cincinnati, Ohio

The Evendale, Ohio store advertised a Grand Opening. I checked the Menards website and found a 16" Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer on sale for $25.47.

The website said it was available for immediate purchase at the new store. I went there today and there were 2 places on the shelf for the trimmer but none actually there. Went to an employee counter and asked about it. The woman at the counter looked it up and said they were sold out.

I asked how I could get one. She said they should have more in a few days. I asked what would happen if I wasn't there at the exact time they arrived and they sold out again before I got there. She said there was NOTHING that could be done.

The store would NOT hold one, order one, or issue a rain check. There were other items I was interested in and I probably would have spent about $100 or so and more in the future, but when a company basically has an attitude of "*** YOU" toward customers I will not set foot in one of their stores again to purchase so much as a pack of gum. The ad they had sent in the mail had some kind of a gimmick with a code to be scanned to see if you won $2 to $500 off your purchases. I just left that right there and walked out of the store.

I don't care if it was for the full $500. I will absolutely not do any business with a greedy assh*le company that doesn't care at all about customers.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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These stores don't hold product, plain and simple. It's obviously for a reason, don't pretend you know why.

It's people like Oberto with opinions based on nothing that contribute to America's "i deserve this" and sense of entitlement that have us in this great economic situation we are in. I'm doing a thesis paper on why economic slides happen, and this site is a great basis for example, Oberto is going to be a star in it.


Well I'm glad such a brave anonymous young student like your self can express your freedom given you by the older generation of this great country to say anything you want. No matter what little facts you have to support it.

And thank you so much for all the credit you give just to me. I know I'm good, but don't really deserve ALL the credit. There are so many other brave American's willing to come on here to share their poor experiences with Menards, no matter how many immature young employees follow them with name calling and ridicule.

So, go ahead anonymous and write your opinion on why this great country is so messed up. We don't need your permission to continuing sharing the truth.


So you were not allowed to prebuy the item and pick it up when it arrived. It's called a prepaid and it's putting your money where your mouth is.

Why should Menards hold an item for you if you don't pay for it. Is that fair to others?

@bob your uncle

"bob your uncle" just proves that this Menards does "not care about customers". If they did they would have done more to make this customer happy about their shopping experience instead of just saying there was "NOTHING" they were willing to do.

Sounds like a legitimate complaint to me. Of course, being a Menards store employee may lend another opinion. LOL :cry

BTW I have NOTHING against hard working Menards employees who obviously weren't available for this customer on this day.

My daughter is one of them. But she will be the first to say that there are way too many working there that don't care at all about customer service.


You have an attitude problem and are the exact reason why working retail is a NIGHTMARE! Menards does not hold items for guest they are first come first serve.

The reason Menards does not hold items for guest is because it takes up space and often Menards sits on an item for someone who never COMES BACK.

I've done some research on this item. The SKU is 267-1504 and it's on sale until 8/25. Everything I see online indicates you can order it yourself and have it shipped to YOUR HOME.

You only save 4.50 and you raging online about it LOL. It's probably not while supplies last and I would have wrote you a sorry slip holding the sale prices for 90 days, however, it still would not guarantee you would ever get the item.

This late in the year items like that come in slowly and often not at ALL. And when they do come in they typically sell out right away again.


Had a similar situation on a special weekend sale. The items in the bin, I found at the register, was not the item on sale.

It took an associate 10 minutes to find the item. Many items in the sale flyers are not in the store. Could not have sold out in three hours after the store opened.

One other item. I know better than to go into Menards, any location, around 5pm.

Nobody is on the floor. The first shift must leave and the next shift doesn't come in until later. Learned this the hard way.

Also on Saturdays don't shop after 7pm and Sundays don't shop after 6pm. You can shoot a cannon off and nobody would come.


Ya, Sunday night shoppers, awesome! Nothing like someone pulling in before close after a long grueling sales weekend.

With a million things to stock and returns to put away some guy in a 20 foot trailer shows up with no crew in a self-service warehouse and honks on his horn expecting an army of employees to show up and jump to his attention.

There are about 3 closers on a Sunday night in the yard and that's to keep prices down for customers like YOU! If you want to pay a little more we could get more help, would you be willing to pay more for that?

@bob your uncle

"bob your uncle" O M G !!! Do you read what you type?

How *** do you think people are to believe your statement and reason for lack of service is justified? YOU, "bob", are definitely part of the problem at Menards, and not part of ANY solution.

What a joke your opinion is. But then in reality, it is mostly sad that Menards has you working for them.


I think truth in advertising is a lost art. Where law ends, tyranny begins, Contact consumer affairs in your area.


You just don't get it, HEARTLESS, they didn't like the customer service and this is what we keep hearing again and again. SO, if you want to keep standing up for these bad employees that obviously work at Menards, then go ahead.

Just means the PROBLEM will continue and the solution will remain distant.

Can't you find anything else to do than call those who complain about Menards ***? Obviously not.


Pull out the ad and look at it again. When they have these fantastic prices on items that are apt to move fast the ad will state limited to stock on hand. Not much different than black Friday--get there early or miss out on the deals

@Check your ad

Ya, get there early because they likely only have two to begin with, and some store employee hid them for a family member.


Wrong, generally the only time that happens is when it's a regular sale. Black Friday sales, crazy day sales and grand opening sales items are held specifically for those sales and not allowed to be sold before the sale starts. Grand opening sales rarely run out of items, they send the store hundreds to thousands of items for that sale. Black Friday and Crazy Day sales typically stock between 25 and 100 of each item on sale.

I should add I've been a part of a grand opening, several black Friday's and even more crazy day sales. I generally place the items on the floor that are being sold for those sales and it's very rare any start with less than 25 quantity on hand. I also typically PACK UP THE STUFF WHEN WE DON'T SELL OUT because most of it does not sell out.....

The original poster stated it was apart of the grand opening sale, but that is false. This item is on sale at my store currently for the same exact price and we only started with 4 because it's a regular promotion.


So, obviously he must be lying, huh? Because YOU can't be wrong? :grin :grin


I work and Menards and believe me we don't care about a couple of *** sale items. We're to short-staffed to have time to do this and where would we put it.

Stock is closely monitored by department managers and inventory managers. Receiving puts out freight and departments stock it and return unstocked items to receiving. Where does this paranoia come from?

Retailers want to sell items!

@bobs your uncle

You "work and Menards"? And I do BELIEVE you when you say you "don't care".

You must be one of the really smart ones at your store. Management material.