Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I bought my frige,stove ,w/d,microwave,toaster,stove hood vac cleaner,less than a year ago.took 6 weeks for fridge.seversl dents inside and maker

Makes 2 trays of tiny cubes p/day.oven .door plastic is broken? man has been here twice for the washer still not right.takes 90 sec to melt cheese on a sandwich.wont pop popcorn w/o tripping off.the toaster never toasted its first sliceof bread 2elements burned out.on my 2nd stove hood.and its not working right.also on 2nd vac now the site requires at leasr one hundred words before they will allow me to post my complaint.IM SO PISSED if i wernt a lady i would post how i REALLY feel

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Sounds like a home wiring issue not product issue


Most fools don't bother to checking thing out first!! A fool is suckered by taken his money away..

To busy .no time .poor excuses. Can't miss my text messages .my cell phone BS. Or my computer time..sounds all fimular. .

plan b/4 buying what ? Visit U.S.A.

or China or Mexico or twain. .Menards caries alot of good stuff .more then any other box stores .check out their parking lots and compare who's who ..