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Will Menards support your town if they open a store there? Ask if they will sponsor a little league team, donate a little lumber for a scout project (or even a discount), support a school project.

If you are lucky you might get a little promotional trinket for your request. Their big deal now is suing cities for tax reductions using the reason that they should only be taxed based on a "dark store" theory. They claim they should only be taxed on the value of an empty store that has gone out of business and is up for sale rather than the very profitable store they are running.

This means fewer tax dollars for your city to support the police and fire departments, schools, road maintenance and all the other things the city does to support their store. Just Google "Menards dark store" to see some of the cities they are suing.

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These companies are "in business". Do you even know what it takes to run a business these days with *** employees, regulations that don't even make sense, and thieving customers?

No I didn't think you did!


I'm going to address the tax issue, the rest of it is not relevant. How do you feel when people come soliciting you for money or your time?

Menarads has a right to say no. Now back to the tax issue. NEWS FLASH BIG BOX RETAIL STORES HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS!!!!! Target does it!

Walmart does it! Lowes does it! Walgreens does it! Almost every big named big box store does it!

You just heard about this because recently there has been a push to put an end to it! Obviously it's unfair and unethical that they are not paying their fair share of taxes, but you can thank our government for allowing it to happen. Lobbyist!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know that term look it up.

Retailers are in a rough spot right now, without these massive tax breaks some of them will crumble instantly. You're trying to act like it's just Menards doing it and it's simply not true, next time do some actual research.

Don't spread misinformation! I hope you attack Walmart, Target, Lowes and Walgreens with such vigor!

to MrSharkNasty #1360504

True, a lot of big box stores are looking for the tax breaks and that should stop at all of them. At least other stores will make donations to support the communities where they have stores in some way. The only meaningful donations Menards have made are in the Eau Claire area.


I definitely want a store in my town. More jobs, more economic intake, more convenience for their products.

i don't expect for-profit companies to "support" the town they're in. They exist to make a profit, not to prop up little league teams.

to Anonymous #1360039

You feel it's fine for them to avoid paying taxes to support the police and fire departments, road maintenance and other services they receive from your town? You may pay a few cents less at the register but you'll make up for it in the taxes you end up paying to cover what they avoid.

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