Cedar Rapids, Iowa


We purchased singles at 7 p.m. on a Saturday for $21.98 a bundle from the Menards on the south side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which also happens to be an hour from our house. I opened the paper the next morning to see that the shingles were on sale for $19.99 plus a $5 rebate for each bundle. I called the store and was told to bring in the receipt and to receive a store credit.

I stopped today to get the credit (which happened to be the very next time I went to Cedar Rapids) and the associates and the manager told me I could not get the sale price because the SALE ENDED YESTERDAY. When asked why they didn't tell us the singles would be on sale the next day when we purchased them, they claimed that their associates do not know what is going to be on sale untlil after the sales begins ... REALLY, THAT'S HOW MENARDS RUNS ITS BUSINESS??

When I asked to speak to the manager, he said he had no ability to make a price adjustment because the sale ended the day before, which again sounds like an exuse because it did not change the fact that we purchased the shingles just hours before they went on sale. I said we would bring the shingles back, and the store manager was fine with us returning them for a full refund!!!. AGAIN, REALLY??

As a customer, I RECEIVED ONLY EXCUSES AND ZERO SATISFACTION FROM MENARDS. As former Menards customers who owns a 150-year-old house with three outbuildings, the company lost thousands of dollars in future sales given we just started the remodeling process on our property.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Remodeling.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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for all the menarded employees, please get on a govt. program and collect you mental disability checks. We don't want your comments here!


You pay what the price indicates on the sign or tag. If gas was 3.50/gal yesterday, and it is 3.60/gal today, you can't ask the clerk if you can have yesterday's price.



Their policy is pretty simple, they will adjust for a lower price with 14 days of purchase. Not their fault you didn't make it into the store within 14 days (Their ads run for 2 weeks}.

Not only did you miss the 14 days, Your product wasn't at a lower price when you went in for a price adjustment. You sound like a child who will cry and hold your breath till you turn blue just to get your way.

I suppose you don't think you have to follow the speed limit or that it's fair for your employer to expect you to be at work when you are scheduled either. Learn to follow the rules and a lot of stress will leave your life.


Why on earth do you want these type of problems in your life? stay away from menards!

This place will cause more and more people to shop at Lowes or Home Depot. By the way look at the level of education these employees who reply on the site have, maybe 2nd grade?


Or look at the level of intelligence of the posters who pretend to be people they are not.


For the good of every single human being on the planet earth, you need to stay home and avoid any sort of contact with anyone or anything, anywhere. Ever.


You clearly have never worked retail. If you told your workers in advance when items were going on sale they would tell your customers and your customers would never pay full price again.

Things go on sale to get people into the store, NOTHING MORE. Your entitlement issue is the real problem here. YOU WERE CLEARLY HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE BEFORE IT WENT ON SALE. Then they were willing to do a price adjustment but you didn't care enough to take care of it straight away thus losing out.

It's your responsibility as a consumer to take care of things in a timely manner if you want things corrected. Don't expect others to be convenient for you, but not be convenient for them.


um yeah generally as a rule employees DON"T know what's coming up on sale. I work retail too and we don't get our sales ads till Fridays.

so if someone bought something Thursday night that was on sale Friday they could of course come in with the receipt DURING the sale period which many times is only that weekend and get the difference refunded back.

now that being said you admit you went back AFTER the sale was over. why should they give you the discount then. now you don't say if they told you the next day or not. or for that matter how long after the sale you eventually waddled your butt on in for your couple dollar savings.

but that being said they are under no obligation at that point to offer you ANYTHING off the product. they could have taken the price difference per bundle off as a courtesy but the rebates are very specific and they can't issue one after the sale has expired.

you really should get your head out of your butt and work retail even for a short time and you'll see how things are done behind the counter