Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Bought a Mastercraft door from Menards in Sept. 2008 for $800.

Paid $400 to have it installed by lic. contractor. It was warped. Big, huge.

obvious, gap. It is now March 2009 and all Menards has done is pass the buck-- sent me to deal with the manufacturer myself. I didn't buy the door from Mastercraft, I bouth it from Menards. All both of them do is make nicey, nicey and do nothing.

Have spent hours trying to get resolution. All winter in MN with big gap. Used to shop there all the time.

Now we go to Home Depot, down the street. *** Menards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

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I also purchased nearly $5000 in doors, only to have them fall apart after one winter. Menards lifetime warranty is: you're SOL!!

Do Not Buy Mastercraft doors!!!!


spent hours trying to get mastercraft doors to fit properly. straightend frame and got all of the jamb plumb and level.

there was still 1/2 inch gap at the top between door and the stop strip. Checked for plumb and level over and over. It turns out that the door itself is warped/twisted. two doors out of four that would have been installed.

Two days of trying to figure out what the problem could be, when the whole time it was warped doors and crooked frames. Extremely poor product.

Back to Menards for return. Will never buy again.


I am finishing my basement and purchased Mastercraft doors at our local Menards. DON'T waste your money on this garbage!

First off their "engineered" jambs are just particle board junk with some kind of shrink wrap on them that virtually no paint sticks to and, the hinge mortis' are sloppy. Second, I don't know why they waste their time cutting in a hinge mortis on the door slab because only about a quarter of the hinges actually fit in the mortis.

The craftsmanship and the fit and finish are poor, obviously quality control does not exist at this factory. I don't want to dissuade anyone from shopping at Menards, they have many fine products and for the most part good prices but, I would steer clear of these doors, they are JUNK.


This guy speaks the truth! Need to listen, here.

I experienced the exact same situation with a custom order mastercraft door. NO Service from either place, menards does like to pass the buck to mastercraft too. My contractor salesman took a video on his phone and showed the store manager Keith Clevenger, his response was not to show the video to anyone! Finally, months later, the door was returned for an in store credit, how about that?

NO MONEY back, so I went to a competitor and bought a better quality door.

Customer was happy! Don't buy mastercraft doors, don't shop at menards.


have someone install it,that really knows how to install doors :cry


FYI... Menards owns Midwest Manufacturing who makes Mastercraft.

You should not be surprised, the Lowest Quality comes naturally with the Lowest Prices.

Save Big Money!


Special ordered a exterior fiberglass door medium oak in color. Mastercraft sent dark walnut/pecan color instead.

Took it back to Menards and reordered a unfinished one. Looked fine untill I installed it. The deadbolt mortise in the frame did not match up the bolt(hole was to high. Had to make hole bigger.

Then noticed 4 defects in the weather strip(s). No one at MasterCraft will talk to you or Menards Corp. They send you a piece of paper for measurements and you send it back.

Thats there cutomer service. AVOID!!!


Addendum: Eventually we did get a replacement door. That door was slightly better,but the second winter it warped big-time and you could see daylight.

To close it, I had to put all my weight behind it. Two weeks ago, we replaced it with a different brand.

Really don't believe one should have to spend $3K for a door that closes but didn't want to chance more problems. Very pleased with the new door!


Same EXACT problem as listed in number one and number five. This has been a nightmare.

The rain is pouring through the gap, the window, and the locks.

The only thing that they have offered to replace is the window. And despite proper documentation, and two seperate, independant contractors looking at the door (which IS installed properly) we are still waiting around to hear back from them....Horrible, horrible experience...Its a shame since Menards has been so helpful in the past.


Menards says it is out of their hands. Do they inspect nothing that comes to their store for damage?

Just try to get it into the customers hands without them noticing so the damage becomes their problem. After all, it is out of their hands. I bought from Menards a couple of times and regretted it every time.

Not 2% either as I have had a few issues with Home Depot, but they always took care of the problem. Menards just wants the money.


i couldn't agree more! we bought our mastercraft door at the menards in massillon, ohio in january 2011 for about $200.

they ripped us off! the display showed two panes of glass in the door, but ours only had ONE pane in it, and it wobbles like crazy inside the door frame! *** MENARDS!



Recent research has shown that empirical evidence for globalization of corporate innovation is very limited and as a corollary the market for technologies is shrinking.


Since Menards originated in our home town and we like to support local business whenever we can, we bought our door from them. It's a shame we learned the hard way that a local business is not worth supporting.


We ordered a custom front entry system - side windows and door from Menards, made by Mastercraft (Midwest Manufacturing). It was delivered, wrapped in cardboard.

When our carpenter installed it, he found a large gap - the frame is too large and the door does not fit properly. Since the old one had been taken out and re-installing it was not an option, he partially installed the door and tried to use shims per instructions, but the gap is too large. We filed a complaint, on the proper forms, with documentation from our carpenter. There are gaps large enough to see daylight and it's getting quite cold now. Three weeks later we received a form letter telling us to measure the door, enter the measurements, and return it, which we did. Two weeks later we received a form letter stating that the door was properly made. Duh, so it is; the FRAME, however, is too large! Our carpenter had us take pictures and he added two more pages of documentation, and turned it over to a contractor's contact person at Menards. He was told that someone from Midwest Manufacturing would contact him. Ten days went by, no contact, so he talked to Menards again and was told that it would be passed on to a supervisor at Midwest - we're still waiting for a response.

The entry system was 'custom', not returnable, non-refundable, and Midwest Manufacturing declared it is not defective without even sending someone out to look at it. I would say this is exremely poor customer service. We followed all of the proper chanels and filed all of the proper documentation to show the door is defective. We live 8 miles from Midwest Manufacturing - but they won't even send someone out to look at it.


I Agree, buy a door from a door company.



Mastercraft doors are JUNK. Bgt 5 special order french doors...all leaked.

Of course Menards/Mastercrap blamed install...the glass leaked from the inside?! Total nightmare dealing with Menards/Midwest Manufacturing. It's embarrassing, esp when we make the effort to buy American-made. Such poor quality...and poor quality control.

If you purchase Mastercraft exterior doors, you will regret it 100%. Learn from our expensive mistake!


2% rule! so true!


My mastercraft front door is a piece of junk, I agree do not buy your doors from Menards. It has been a nightmare, I was told my a Menard employee that no one else was having these problems.


When my Menards windows were installed with defects (my mistake for not looking over them carefully before having my contractor install them), I followed procedure and submitted pictures to the corporate headquarters. Within a month, a representative from the window company knocked on my door and spent the next couple hours fixing every last defect!

There were some parts that were bent and sliding down, but he fixed/replaced everything to make the windows perfect.

All it takes to get problems solved is respectful and logical communication. By reading all of your comments, "You must work for Menards," it is clear that you are not respectful, logical, or a minimally skilled communicator. You are a complainer. Complainers are worthless.

They cost much more than they are worth. Have you ever heard of the 2% rule? 2% of all people will be impossible to please (***, such as yourself). Thus, there is no point wasting time trying to satisfy your breed.

You are written off as the worthless sack of *** that you are. You and your "licensed" contractor deserve each other. Oh, and if you are dumb enough to think that "licensed" means anything, well, you've proven that already. Even after my problems with my Menards windows (actually a manufacturer defect), I continue to shop there all the time.

Welded wire at Menards: $3. Same product at Home Depot: $12. SAME EXACT product. So have fun spending at Home Depot and getting no service.

Leave your attitude at the door and walk back into Menards and treat the people there with respect.

You'll be amazed with how well they treat you, and all the money you save. Also, your family (if you still have one) might want to spend more time around you.

@Rational Individual

Dear rational individual (corporate *** The windows that you purchased were no doubt Jeld-Wen which is a completely different manufacturer that DOES take care of their customers. Being a sales associate at a competing company with over 10 years of experience in the field of windows and doors and having to constantly help menards' customers with their mastercraft door issues.

Due to Menards inability to hold onto good knowledgeable associates they create what we call a high turnover rate in employment which in turn lowers store moral. You have completely missed the point of the topic and your ignorance astounds me. This is about a specific manufacturer that Menards has made the poor decision to stand behind.

My customers will come to me and then proceed to go to menards to look at the displays and come back and purchase from me because not only can they rarely find help but on that off chance that they do they associate doesn't know anything and I have competitor shopped them and asked the associates simple questions that any beginning window/door sales associate should know and have been met with uneducated guesses. Instead of relying on explitives, slander, and ignorant slurs that make you sound like you are a Menards manager and/or an employee that hates his job maybe you should approach these complaints with an open mind that these people are just trying to inform you.