Do not deliver for menards they will ruin your life.Menards will make you buy their trucks the masterlift 5000.

They will make you go past your hours of service each and everyday and when you are at a delivery and there is nowhere to unload they will threaten to pull the contract. The masterlift 5000 is junk these trucks run so hard seven days a week that they break down all the time. You are expected to be there seven days a week and there is nothing in the CONTRACT that says you will deliver seven days a week. They will break the contract everyday that you are there and treat you like you are an employee.

I guess menards is not smart enough to run their own delivery service. The ad says "Be Your Own Boss" "This could be your opportunity of a lifetime".

Its ***!

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You are a Peter sucker, I've worked there five years and I know my contract very well.The contract is set up for Menards and for Menards only.

You are a fool to continue working there.You will lose money eventually because it is set up for Menards to make money not you.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #785370

this guy is obviously not a business man. it is not menards fault that he doesn't take care of his truck etc.

to stud Chicago, Illinois, United States #966036

This guy isn't complaining about taking care of his truck. He is complaining about the type of truck menards MAKES you buy from them. Its I piece of junk.


Q:If this delivery "business" is "profitable", why are there no Menards employed drivers?

A:They overbook all drivers. Customers get very angry. Stores blame drivers and their companies. Problem solved. Menards passed the blame.


Menards delivery was the best decision I have made.I have been able to build my business by working with the General Manager.

They have always treated me fair as long as I take care of the customer.

Keep in mind...You are running a business!! I don't think you understand that running a business means that you are going to have to put in some long days.

Sounds like you guys are used to a desk job and not actually working.Menards has been a great company to work for...just take care of the customer and you'll be fine!

to Super Trucker #1032303

You are full of ***, they are the worst to work for...

Chicago, Illinois, United States #664266

The Menards trucking gigs are horrible.They expect 100 hours per week and no days off ever.

They are relentless. They will also steal from every check they send you.

They have absolutely never paid what I invoiced them.They will send me on a delivery and when I invoice for it they will tell me they have already paid me for it or that I didn't make the delivery, so, no pay.


I worked for them and its just there way of making money...


I have a question for those of you who deliver for Menards.I purchased a washer and dryer.

I live 9 miles from the store...alll major roads... I had to pay extra to have my purchase delivered because they said they have to use the route and mileage that their computer suggests. Problem is, that route takes you four miles too far east and right back four miles. That makes the mileage 18 miles and therefore more cost.

Does anyone ever get their purchase delivered to "zone A?" IF you drive in circles enough you can make anyone not qualify for the $39.95 delivery.

Any comments?Does this happen all the time?

to Susan #789087

Yeah so many miles are calculated in zones so if you live 1 mile or 10 what ever the charge is for that zone, you will be charged for it.

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