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I purchased $137 worth of items from them 7 days ago. I used a $47 in store return credit and $90 in cash for the purchase.

I received one of the items as a Christmas Gift, so thought I would return the item I purchased.

When I returned one of the items valued at $109, they immediately forced the original $47 In Store Credit back on me and only returned $62 of my Cash. This is a shady business practice and allows Menards to withhold revenues from their customers in order to force them to repurchase in the store if they ever want to have a hope of recovering their original funds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $47.

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TBH most retailers these days follow that practice. I manage a retail store and you get back what you paid.

If you use store credit as part of your payment - guess what, you're getting store credit back.

Most customer try and pull this on me just to get higher amounts of cash back. It sucks but it's not shady or stealing.


Simple solution, only use rebates on items that you know you won't return,make them ring up this separate


Of course they only returned some of your cash. You bought items on a store credit, then attempted to do a return in order to turn that store credit into cash.

Unfortunately for you, Menards had a policy in place to prevent you from doing that.

You didn't lose anything, you just returned to having the $47 in store credit instead of having them give you cash for your store credit.

Any store with a bit of intelligence would do the same thing. Sorry your scam didn't seem to work out.


Most stores do the same thing anymore. Store credits are issued when you return products without a receipt.

This discourages shoplifters as they don't get cash back.

When you use a store credit to purchase a product, refunds on that purchase will be issued in the same manner, with the store credit being issued first, again to keep shoplifters from having a way to get cash for stolen products. If you don't want to worry about store credits, make your returns with the receipt you would have been given if you actually paid for the product.


I did have my original receipt and tendered it at the time of the return. A copy of the receipt also accompanies this post as evidence!


The receipt you posted clearly shows you use a store credit for part of your payment. They aren't going to turn that into cash in a future refund.

They gave you a store credit in return for the store credit you used in making this purchase, the balance was refunded in cash. Your scam won't work.


Yes Menards return policy takes a huge sign inside thier store to explain all the ways they plan to screw you! Shop ACE or Home Depot or Lowe’s but never Menards!


I take it you have never looked at the complaints about Lowes and Home Depot's return policies. To stay profitable retail stores have to implement polices to protect them from theft and consumers that abuse the returns process.

Keep in mind that stores with very lenient return policies also tend to have higher prices to cover the losses they take on unnecessary returns. Even LL Bean has changed their policy of taking products back at anytime for any reason.

Too many people were using them for camping equipment rental and returning old worn out products. Consumers have to be more reasonable in what they return and make sure they have a receipt to prove the actually bought the product.


It’s actually worse then that. Most customers will buy something like a charge cable or phone case and then order one cheaper online then return the original item messed up and expect a full refund.

I feel ppl that do that should be punished strictly. I understand getting a deal but it’s no reason to screw a company over. Now the retailer can’t sell it and MUST take a loss. There is no “theft” or “return” insurance for retailers.

They just take the hit. The consumer should have to eat the loss.