1. Purchased a new stove from the Evergreen location


They didn't tell me to have stove unhooked from gas line

3. They left stove on my carpet in the dining room area because the old stove wasn't unhooked

4. The NEW stove came with a BIG DENT

They drivers took a picture but my mom didn't refuse the order. I called thinking they would give me a reasonable discount on the NEW stove no they offered me $10.

WHAT AN INSULT. They have a stove on display with a LITTLE chip and it have $150 discount. I would have kept the stove had they given me a discount of maybe $100. I purchased a NEW stove NOT a floor model and to offer me $10 WOW!!


Not to mention i had to pay for someone to unhook/ hook up $85 now I have to do the exact same thing again....So if they wanted to pickup and redeliver which is crazy so BE IT. AN ANGRY TRUE MENARD CUSTOMER

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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The manufacturers set a schedule of discounts based on size of dent and location. If the dent is on a side that isn't seen the discount is quite small compared to a dent in a location that will be visible once installed. Their delivery drivers aren't plumbers so you wouldn't want them messing around with your gas lines.


You claim the manufacture recommends offering a 1.1% discount on a $900 stove because of a major dent caused by rough handling by store staffing or delivery service???? Installing a gas hook up for a stove or dryer involves threading the hose on to the preexisting pipe until hand tight then gentle tug with an adjustable wrench and turn the gas valve on. If a delivery person cant handle absolute basic mechanical ability such as that then perhaps he needs to re consider his career???


Many of the cities Menards operates in require that a licensed plumber preform hookups of gas appliances. Rather than trying to figure out which community requires plumbers and which don't, they just don't do it at all.

No there isn't a lot of mechanical ability involved but you want to make sure the connection is properly sealed as well. They don't want the liability of a potential gas leak.


If it was such a "major" dent why would anyone accept it even with a discount. If it was such a big deal it should have been refused on the spot. Sounds like someone is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.


I paid the full price price plus delivery fees and you think a 1.1% discount of $10 is proper compensation for a dent on a brand new appliance?? Not only would I have to feel ripped off everyday for the next 10 to 15 years but when I have friends and family over they would think I bought this beat up stove from a thrift store!

If you think 1.1% discount then would you be satisfied buying a new car at full retail price of $30,000, and they offer you a gift card of $330 to compensate for a dented hood and cracked bumper cover???? You then with need to look at the damage everyday or pay for repair out of your pocket because it was damaged prior to you taking possession of it.


I wouldn’t accept a dented new car. Why would you accept a stove that looked like it came from a thrift store that you would be ashamed of people seeing and feel bad about for 10-15 years at any price?

One of the reasons they require an adult to be there at the time of delivery is to sign for and accept the products being delivered. The stove shouldn’t have been accepted if it is as bad as you say it is.

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