The store policy is for customers to wear masks - even if you have a medical reason for not wearing them. Therefore, the store policy is to damage the health of its customers (and more so its employees) because there is ample scientific evidence that wearing masks will harm the health of the wearer, either via hypoxia (too low oxygen) or hypocampia (too high CO2) to the brain.

User's recommendation: If you value your own personal well-being do not shop there.

Location: Napoleon, Ohio

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If masks are so harmful how is it that people in many occupations can wear them all day without harm? Have you ever had your teeth cleaned at the dentists office.

I'll bet the hygienist was wearing a mask.

People working in wood shops wear masks to protect themselves from inhaling wood dust and the list goes on and on. If people can wear them all day at work you can certainly wear one for a few minutes while you shop at a store.


You should see the Many complaints on this website from others Wanting the face mask policy to be enforced at businesses plus complaints from others wanting the police to enforce the mask policy at businesses.


I'm elderly and have COPD. I do find wearing a mask to be terribly uncomfortable; However, it does not interfere with my oxygen machine at all. EVERYONE who's healthy enough to make it all the way to the store CAN wear a mask, they just don't want to.

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