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I was not wearing a mask as I have some health issues. I went through my whole shopping experience, and even had an employee helping me for almost 30 minutes, and no one said anything to me.

When I finally made it to check out, the floor manager Tim decided to get mouthy with me and the cashier. He told me I would not get cashed out if I didn't wear one. I told him I have health issues forbidding me to wear one, and he told me I was lying. He proceeded to degrade and belittle me until the customer in front of me was done.

Then when the cashier, who was looking uncomfortable at this time, rang my order up, Tim started yelling at him. He told him to never ring someone out again if they do not have a mask or he would be in trouble. He was very rude and disrespectful to me and the employees around him. My wife had returned the 250 dollar purchase from that day and we went else where.

I will never, and I mean never return to that location again unless that rude disrespectful man is terminated. He created a hostile work environment, and his customer relation skills are worse than my 8 year old.

This was the location on Morse rd in Columbus Ohio. I am disgusted that someone like that is in an authoritative position and I hope that you have never had an employee complaint and you left him employeed.

User's recommendation: Do not visit the location. This company does not care about its employees or the service you receive.

Location: Foley, Alabama

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Wear a mask or stay the F home. You have no right to put the rest of us at risk.


I have medical issues that could put me in the hospital if i wear one. I have also been tested more than every one u know put together.

And if I feel any sort of cold I don't go out. So if your scared you stay the f home


Shop on-line if you don't want to wear a mask.


Wear a mask or stay home.


Why is everyone against me. Tim made me upset.

I was so upset when I got home that I told my wife to return everything. She said she was busy. I told her to return everything right away or I would hit her. While my wife was gone my 8 year old started crying because we were fighting again.

I was fed up. I grabbed him and punched him. My wife found out. She grabbed my son and went to her sister Her sister called children's services .

They gave my wife two choices. She either stays with her sister or I move out. They felt like my son is not safe with me. I had to stay at a hotel.

Thanks to aTim I beat my wife and son. He made me that angry. He needs to be terminated for creating a hostil work environment, harassment and making me hurt my family in anger. I said in my complaint.

I won't return until. Tim is terminated.


You have a lot of nerve complaining about someone being rude when you want them fired.


Harassment in the workplace generally is a terminable offense. And creating a hostile work environment is considered harassment.

Plus the way I was treated, definitely doesn't need to be employed there. Who knows how many other employees in the past or present he will treat that way, not to mention customers.


Why do you feel harassed? You were the one that ignored the signs requiring masks. They sure won't miss you.


Have you read the signs? They state you have to wear a mask per the cdc guidelines which, say that if there is a medical reason you do not have to wear one.

I like how everyone on here only reads what they want? You are all a bunch of idiots


Sounds to me like you were rude. You are definitely disgusting.

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