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Bought ton$ of stuff from Menards in the 15+ years of living in Sioux Falls. Owned and rehabbed 4 houses and 2 commercial buildings. Built a complete three car garage with all their stuff. And helped many friends - always used Menards.

When remodeling a kitchen, I purchased all new appliances and kitchen cabinets from them. They ordered all of it - prepaid of course. About nine grand. I ran into some family and legal problems in the interim and never picked the stuff up. Definitely not the right way on my part. They have (or had) a 30 month return policy (which I agree is lenient). I went in about 1-2 months over that and explained my problem. They said "No problem...happens more often than you'd think. We will take care of you."

What a joke. After jacking me around for months, the most I got out of them was the money back for the appliances and garage door openers. Much less than half of what I had paid. No store credit, no money less a restocking fee, nada for about $5000.00 dollars woth of stuff.

I hate Menards and if I can EVER keep anyone from buying there...I will do so. They suck and their manager Randy is a lying, dishonest ***.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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So that I'm understanding correctly, you're saying that you went in with your receipts in order to get a refund on items you had ordered and never picked up and the store just flat out refused to give you any money back for your merchandise after what seems to be years of being a loyal consumer? If this statement is 100% accurate, then yes, I absolutely agree that you should be completely pissed beyond belief and I would say to go as far as call local law enforcement because I would compare that to stealing.

Admittedly, I have been employed as a manager at Menards for several years and I have never, ever refused to give a guest back money for an item they ordered, never picked up and now wish to return.

It simply does not make any sense. I feel like there may be more to this story, but as I said, if there is not then this situation was handled completely wrong by the store.


Thank you CommonSense...I was starting to think I was the only one that saw a problem here. They did give me some money back but it was just over a third of what I had spent.

They left me holding the bag for about five thousand dollars.

I was, and still am, blown away that they would do that ...especially after telling me that they would take care of me and help me through this. It was kind of a slap in the face.

I truly appreciate your comments.


sooooo you get locked up for 2.5 years and it's menards fault you gotta sell your house when you get out? You want to return custom cabinets because your in a legal pinch?

how is that their fault?

Why should they take back your *** that has been sitting in a moldy garage collecting dust? As$hole.


Read the post again d*ckhead...never got the stuff. My dad died, and no, I didn't go to jail.

Just had a lot of problems hit all at once and I lost sight of some other important things.

Guess you've never made any mistakes. Thanks for your comments.


"Returns of Special Orders:

Special order items may be refunded at Menards sole discretion with a 25% restocking fee."

Oh look guess that's very dishonest of Menards right? They even list it on their webiste.. You're lucky they gave you anything at all.....


Got your point. Read the last sentence of my second paragraph.

If you're right then they should have told me to bug off the first day I came in. I NEVER got the goods.

They should be able to sell them twice I guess and tell me to kick rocks, right? My dad died among many other things at this time, and they yanked me around for MONTHS.

I guess you're right...I should be grateful.


Sounds to me like they took care of you very well for a very long time... One issue arises and you swear them off, how childish...

30 month return policy? I work for Menards and never heard of such a thing. The return policy is 90 days max on pretty much everything and it goes as low as 30 days and 7 days depending on the item. Are you taking about a warranty perhaps, those function much differently and are much more complicated when it comes to using them.

I have no sympathy for you at all because no matter what deadline you're talking about you went over it thus not entitled to any sort of compensation. It's your responsibility to return/use a warranty in a timely manner no matter the reason.....


I'm glad you work for Menards, so yours is an obviously unbiased opinion - fine. Read the whole post thoroughly.

I never received the goods - none of them. They sold the goods I paid for to someone else. No need to discount hardly any of it, only the countertop was ordered to length, and even it was a very standard lenth. Discounted or not...could they not give 75% of my money back?

Or even better for them, just give me store credit? Or a combination of both?

This purchase ALONE was about nine thousand dollars and I have spent MUCH more there over the years - does that count for nothing? I was a super loyal customer - we have many choices for building supplies in Sioux Falls.

Giving me store credit at a reduced amount would have been a great solutuion in my eyes.

They would have made money on the purchase $ 4 times, and made me very satisfied. JMHO