A customer was told he must rent a vehicle BEFORE his Special Order stock could be loaded.

This detracts from the total time available (75mins allotted) for delivery to customer address and return.

1) Sarcastic and dismissive employees.

2) Manager stood by while an assistant stated the same policy without any explanation and NO understanding of customer concern.

3) Senior manager never spoke or interceded to resolve the issue.

4) When customer went to main desk (near cash wrap) the senior manager never introduced himself, told the customer that the truck rental could be extended beyond 75 mins [with additional charges, he said, when asked]

The customer, unsatisfied, headed for the exit, and the sarcasm continued..."Have a nice day!"

This customer expects Menards to apologize in writing, demonstrate that an illogical policy has been addressed, and reimburse the customer for the time and effort they caused this customer to be forced to expend, including the rental of a truck from UHaul and causing work on Sunday to have the doors installed true and plumb, doorknob hardware installed. All because of bad service and poor attitudes.

This issue could have been resolved with logic and good customer service. There is no logical reason to cause a customer stress, time and money when that customer has spent thousands of dollars in Menards.

Loyal customers should be rewarded, not abused by staff.

User's recommendation: Consider shopping elsewhere. Why give money to a company that has no regard for the customer....

Location: New Albany, Indiana

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Where can you rent a vehicle that they aren't going to charge you for the full time you have it? Do you think you can go to u-haul to rent a truck and ask them not to charge for time or milage until you call them and let them know the materials you are hauling are loaded? Bet you won't find a lower rental rate for hauling a quick load either.


Hahahahahahaha! This is a joke, right?

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