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Menards has return policy about no receipt returns. I met all the criteria and have already spent close to $80,000.00 since November 2020.

I regularly have receipts for my return items but couldn't find this one.

They would not let me return these items for store credit so as to purchase different items for another job. I did end up finding the receipt and the return was made that same day.

It was embarrassing to say the least but I can't get menards to tell me why I was treated differently than everyone else.

Nor can I get a response from menards corporate office

User's recommendation: Shop at home depot.

Monetary Loss: $275.

Preferred solution: An explanation of why I'm treated differently and an apology..

Menards Pros: There everywhere, Unable to contact customer service, Are low prices, Save money usually.

Menards Cons: Way i was treated rude cashier, Response of corporate management, Rude ignorant.

Location: 500 Menard Drive, Morris, IL 60450

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Take this down


There are several things that could have happened. One is that you have returned too many things without a receipt and they have cut off your privilege of making no receipt return.

The other big one is that you are trying to return high theft items and they don't accept returns without a receipt on those. Unfortunately even people who spend a lot of money there have been known to ;take merchandise they haven't paid for.

Once had a contractor that was responsible fo 5% of the stores sales throw some extra items behind his seat n his pick up. He thought he was entitled to a little extra because he spent so much (we're talking millions, not tens of thousands).


If you found your receipt and return was done, why are you claiming a loss of $275??


If the items did have packing, wouldn't scan, or were special order items, they would need receipts to process a return. Also, guest.

You didn't have a valid ID they can't do a no receipt return and they can only process a limited number of no receipt returns, for a guest, within a certain time frame.I guess, that begs the question of what you were returning? You do provide much to go on to determine what m


Yeah, well over 80 k *** face. And yes you can return merchandise without receipt for store credit. So untill you know wat your talking about, my suggestion would be to shut your mouth!!!!!

@Dave r Wno

Your aren't saying what they told you as to the reason they couldn't process a return. What it special order, or missing packaging? Or perhaps didn't have an ID to process it.

@Dave r Wno

There are times they won't accept a return with out a receipt.


No receipt no return.. Wtf is wrong with you.

You're another one who thinks they're entitled.

And 80k.. Ya right.

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