My daughter and I were not allowed in to shop without masks on. My daughter is def and reads lips to communicate.

Mask wearing pose a safety risk.

The ADA protects disabled people. Menards is open to the public and is not exempt from ADA regulation.

You will eventually settle this case without going to court but Im going to make you pay for a lot of people.

User's recommendation: Don’t discriminate.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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If you choose not to wear a mask for the short time you would be in a store shopping just stay home and shop on-line. No need to risk the health of others due to your anti-mask attitude.


How can you do that when you have to go IN STORE to get your ONLINE ITEMS.....?????


What does your daughter reading lips to communicate have to do with her wearing a mask?


Very true, the mask doesn't cover her eyes. The masks that everyone else wears would keep her from reading lips.

Do you expect everyone in the store to take theirs off when she enters? Not going to happen.


Your daughter is NOT special. If she can’t comply, leave her at home.

Her little trip without a mask could affect innocents. Stop giving her a sense of entitlement pig.


All they have to do is offer alternative shopping methods. Like online , or they can take a list and get it for you.

Mask policies have a couple exceptions that make them not fall under ADAS anyways. ADA can not modify major business policies or create a safety risk.

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