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My son went to the store in Angola,In. to apply for a job..as he was filling out an app.

an employee aproached him and his friend and told them if they were her sons she would smack them up side their heads for looking like that while they were trying to find a job...Zac asked why she replyed because of what they had on...Zac had on new white shorts a black (new) t-shirt and a hoodie....They were clean...needless to say Zac walked out...Thanks for discouraging my son lady!!Law suit????

yes or no?

Monetary Loss: $1.

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It sounds to me like she was being the parent you should have been to your boy. Dress to impress is always the way to go for anything job related (until you get the job).

As far as a lawsuit goes, you have nothing more than heresay as evidence...

so if you want to pursue that... good luck.


As someone who gets tons of people asking for applications daily I sometimes cannot believe my eyes. The majority come in looking grubby and under-dressed. *** just today one girl came in with headphones in her ears. To talk to me she pulled one side out and then popped it back in after I directed her to the human resources desk.

Now while what the employee may have said to your son was a little out line, it was simply the truth. Appearance is very important when you're making a first impression, especially in this economy when jobs are scarce.

With that said you're quite sad if you think you're going to get a law suit out of this.


shorts, a t-shirt and hoodie are definitely NOT what to wear when looking for a job. And how is that discrimination???? I understand your son being ignorant, but you should know better.


This is rare, but I definitely agree with the employee. Why don't you dress up if you want the job?

I am an AGM at a similar company to Menards, and if your child came in dressed like that, there is no chance in *** that I'd hire him. No chance.

You might not like that answer, but I'm being very honest with you. Its a competitive job market and if you don't care enough to look nice while filling out an app, you have no chance.


This is discrimination.

I'm a bit surprised anyways because overall Menards is pretty loose when it comes to tattoo's and overall dress code. It sounds like they were dressed pretty casual so for a person to go out of there way to talk to them like this is rather discriminating.

Even more so by the person saying if anyone but a female has a piercing it's a problem. Not only are you discriminating you're now being sexist and having double standards.


You should have taught your sons how to dress when they went looking for a job. First impressions stick with the people who hire.

I turned down many, many people because of the way they looked and dressed. If someone came into our place and did not take his hat off, that was it. He was gone. Anyone other than a female wearing an ear ring was toast, as was anyone not dressed at least in dress slacks and neatly pressed shirt---a tie was nice, but not mandatory.

I wanted employees to represent my company, not some tribe in the jungles of South America.

Why in the world would you want to sue?

For what? Because your boys looked like bums or because you did not teach them manners?????


No. Although Menards has a 'general employee dress code', each store varies as to how they enforce it.

Shorts are 'acceptable' during the summer, but at all times of the year either collared shirts or your special menards shirts are required. But at every Menards there is a lot of favoritism and overlooking rules for certian people. They are a very very corporate and 'by the book' place to work for.

Honestly, I'm only there because it pays (some) of the bills. They use people up and spit them out.


Appearance is not a protected class, so that wouyld be a no.