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To my dismay when coming home to Casper Wy. Minards now does not give discounts to the military.I could not believe when the cashier told me that the discounts were gone.For a company that goes all out for American products and it's people can do this to the people that made this happen.I found out to late to put all my prouducts back and make the poor clerk feel bad.Why does'nt Manards put a sign up to tell all the people what's going on with Kicking all the vets in the teeth.I belong to seven orginizations and all will know all about this disgrace. I know longer will shop at Manards Just another disabled Vietnam Vet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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Maybe some of you need to go back to school and learn to spell menards first, and maybe they need to reinstate the draft so you can be real men. Real men risked and lost their lives for you all!

They deserve it! (Discounts)


Please be advised,Everyone does not honor the MILITARY.Like everyone does not honor our POLICE-TEACHERS and So forth.I get the impression that because you were in the MILITARY you feel like everyone owe's you.Instead of complaining about 71 cent's,Be THANKFUL that your made it HOME SAFELY and Get over the SMALL ***.Is 71 cent's going to MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU.Think about what you are saying.


Most of the people I know who serve (or have served) in the armed forces didn't sign up so they can go drink at the VFW or save 10% off a light bulb.


Are you freakin serious? Menards is not screwing you over for not giving a mil discount.

They are just not choosing to hook you up. I have served in and continue to serve in the Corps for 14 years now. I have never felt entitled to a discount. I joined to serve my country.

A country where anyone can make their own choices. That inclueds not offering a discount. Really? You have to have a discount?

You embarrass me.

My father-in-law retired from the Corps as a Vietnam Vet and he shops at Menards for the customer service not the discount. Must be in the Army :p


To the 'to heartless' person below me: are you really as clueless and asinine as your post makes you sound? So, because people respond negatively to a guy who apparently is still angry about what he saw in Vietnam 40 years ago and is taking it out on whoever he sees, that means they 'work for Menards'?

Newsflash: a lot of people, especially with how poorly the economy is doing, are tired of seeing entitled, incompetent imbeciles leech off the government and everyone else with their hands out in front of them, and then scream and cry when they don't get what they want.

By the way, have you served our country?

What unit did you serve in, if so? You sound like you think you're special so I'm wondering.


Obviously you didn't have the heart to fight for your country like the rest of your family and decided to work for Menards instead. Good Job, you should definately be proud of yourself since you do get a discount at Menards!!!


Well said, Anon, well said!!! :)


As someone who has a best friend serving in the military, I can tell you he doesn't give a rats *** about receiving a small discount from a retail store. He didn't join the military to get 10 cents off a box of nails.

You are a bad example of a veteran, and a fantastic example of an entitled, whiny, low-life, who apparently still hasn't recovered from the Vietnam conflict.

Get counseling. May God have mercy on your soul.


I never knew there were discounts for the military at any of these 3 stores. As a former contractor I would try to shop Menards (not Minards) because Lowes & Home Depot are competitors of mine.

They will install the same products that I may go in to buy. Menards doesn't do that. And as a senior citizen I usually forget to ask if there is a senior discount.

At least in Menards you can actually find someone that will ask if they can help you. You never see that at Lowes.


you know i completely understand why they do not give the disscount anymore i have served for my country and i do agree with these people if we get 71 cents off whatever we buy what about the police officers that protect us on the streets or the firefighter that saves your family while your house is burning down its also not fair to the teachers that teach ur children and or grandchildren....not trying to be mean but i understand and i will go to menards forever! and by the way dont take it out on the cashier you put yourself in their position im sure it doesnt make for a good day when almost all of the people you talk to you complain and yell at you


You're not entitled to a special discount based on your career choice.... Everyone here in America are just as good as you are. You're not special. Also, Menards has not honored this for a very long time. They saw the flawed logic in it. Teachers - Police Officers - Firefighters - Janitors, worked just as hard as you did/do.



My dad, uncles, grandpa and several cousins are veterans. None of them would behave like you. You're a disgrace to this country self entitled jack@ss


Wow and benefit, please leave our country now. Thanks. :grin


All these people have obviously not served our country. I find it a disgrace as well that they do not give the discount.

I did not serve but my father did.

Lowes honors the discount, take your business elsewhere. BTW screw those other peoples comments!


And as a family member you tried to use this discount yourself like most other military veterans do... My father was in the military and I do not go into retail stores and ask for a discount.... :sigh


I went to the new Menard's store at Lake Ozark and went to check out only to find that Menard's didn't honor the Military Discount that Lowe's and Home Depot do. They were making a big deal about Memorial Day but then say *** at the check out. At that point I said I didn't really need to buy at Menard's.


How many incorrect ways are you going to spell Menards? lol....the "clerk" (the fact that you said clerk makes me estimate your age between 92-94 years old) wouldn't feel bad, she's not the one that makes that policy. If anything, you'd just look like an *** causing a scene.


i didn't know you joined the military to get 71 cents off a pack of toilet paper.