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On a shopping trip to Menard's in Lancaster Ohio on January 31, 2011, we were told by the check out person that Menard's no longer honor Military Discounts. We were stunned and asked why.

The person said it had been in effect since January 1, 2011. Well that does it! We are returning to Lowe's to buy all of our shopping needs.

I am very disappointed in this company for doing this, after all, these men put their lives on the line for us! You should post something in the newspaper or all of your shopping adds.

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Went to Menard's today, July 4th, 2013 in Manitowoc, WI to purchase some wood and accessories. Menard's always gave a 10% discount one time per year ( wow how could they afford it?

) to veterans, even though Home Depot and Lowe's give them year round. I was told that Menard's decided to discontinue the practice. (Must have cut into the corporate coffer's). I don't expect anyone to give a discount, but you would think they would at least try to do something for the veterans at least one day a year.

For a Company that claims to buy American, its really a joke how they treat the veterans that served, allowing them to operate in a free society. In the future, I will take my business to Home Depot or Lowe's, where they at least care.


they will still honor a 10% discount on NON-SALE items only have to have a manager approval to scan for discount


This conversation is funny. When purchasing roofing materials at Lowes with my military discount, it still came out to be 10% more expensive that purchasing at Menards without a military discount. I can understand them not offering the discount, if they already have lowered their prices enough for the entire public.


Contractor's don't get a discount for being a contractor.


It's not true that Menards does not discriminate by giving any group a discount. They give contractors a discount.


police officers should get a discount because they volunteer to keep us safe. doctors should get a discount because they keep us healthy.

firefighters should get a discount because they prevent us from burning to death. teachers should get a discount because they keep us smart.



Military deserve discounts because they volunteer to keep us free. While civil servants are respectable, being a cop and being a soldier are just two different things.

Menards stopped giving discounts because poor people on welfare complained they didn't get 10% off and military did. We've always gotten a military discount at menards, but you had to ask.

And they only do it because the competitors do. I shall be boycotting.


Well, I have a $100 item to purchase. (All three stores are located next to each other where I live, so I was curious and deove less than 1 mile to get between the three stores) It's the same price at Menards, Lowes & Home Depot.

I retired from the military.

I'm offered a 10% discount at lOWES & HOME DEPOT. I would be foolish not to shop at one of these stores and skip Menards.


The store that I work at allows the discount to ACTIVE DUTY members only and they need to show us their ID stating that they are. That is the only case, there is no more veterans or off duty discount, you must be ACTIVE.


In answer to the "dude" above who says that Menards never gave a Military Discount must never have shopped there. They absolutely DID give a military discount.

I received that discount up until January of 2011, as the man stated in the original comment. I contacted Menards about there reasoning for eliminating the discount and they responded with a form letter telling me that they hoped my next visit would be more pleasureable.

That had nothing to do with my question but I do like Menards and continue to shop there. I do miss the discount but I appreciate the helpful sales people.


Hey dude, I think you are dreaming. Menards has never offered military discounts whatsoever unless on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other special holidays. The fact that a manager might have given you a discount once just because he had more important work to do than argue for 15 mins with you about "the merits of military" doesn't mean that this is a rule.


Menards does not discriminate between their customers on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, etc...including profession and how much you spend there. So when you are waiting in line you can look at the fella in front of you and the fella behind you and you can be sure that all three of you will pay the same price and all three of you will be treated in the same manner.

No matter if you are Bill Gates, field marshal or regular unknown guy.

Tell me isn't that wonderful after all?


Technically, G.I. Joe does not exist, but if it did, it'd be comprised of the top men and women from the top military units in the world, the alpha dog's.


I'm thinking that they don't want to discriminate against other people that don't choose the military as their career. What if a police officer or a firefighter came in and asked for a discount?

Should Menards not give them a discount because they aren't in the military? Just a thought for you.

Menards prices are guaranteed to be the best out there. Why discount them further?