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I'll be done working at menards very soon. there are hundreds of reasons why.

the pay scale at menards is insulting for the work required. I've worked the garden center for over a year in a northern region. for those who work at menards know exactly what that means. it is work never recognized by anyone.

it is the cheapest company I've ever worked for. the rules and policies are out of control. i was a part time employee working anywhere from 55 hours a week now down to 6 hours a week. and only wanting 30.

no rhyme or reason. i could go on forever.....as for the customers complaints, just remember, most of the time the workers have no say on menards policies.

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Worked there as a Front End Manager....i could go on and on and on.. but i agree with you fully!

Way too much expected as a front end manager..

especially since the General Managers always asked me for help figuring out how to handle situations.. You can find a new and better job like i have :) Good luck!


To "horrible work place" did u ever think that you are a poor employee and that's why you are sent home and don't get as many hours as other people.


No they will cut your hours all the time for no reason. One week you will have 60+ and the next you will have 4. They also like to give the new high school employees as many hours as they can so they can send the more experienced/higher paid employees home.


Any job is what you make of it. If you make it out to be bad, it will be.

Obviously you were a poor employee...you would not be cut to 6 hours a week if you had a good attitude and work ethic. You will be unhappy at all jobs because they won't "recognize you" as doing a good job, because you don't.


I just got out recently after 11 years. It really has gone downhill, and you can do a lot better than Menards.


I was also an employee of cell block M. Terrible company to work for.

They will over abuse you and throw you away.

Pay scale does suck *** and you are not paid for experience or knowledge. Their loss!!


There must be another reason for you only getting 6 hrs right now. With the gc being set and the plant tables all changing there should be plenty of hrs.

Maybe it had to do with your attitude. Just sayin