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My father who is a disabled veteran, who worked 20 years as a prison gaurd, who contributed his whole life to his country, and his family. The first brand new lawnmower he ever has bought, blows a seal after 2 and a half hrs.

than told he cant exchange it because he put gas in it. When it is not posted anywhere in the store besides the customer return policy and the reciept where no one looks at this until you return things.

I am a construction man. major at NMU and someday will have the chance to deny Menards my bosse's or my companies money, there is a store across the highway, that took my chainsaw back no questions asked for a full refund, called Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Remington Power Tools Lawn Mower.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: exchange for same model.

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It's not relevant that your farther is a disabled veteran or a former prison guard. My grandpa is a disabled veteran and lives in the YOOP AS well.

My uncle died in the Vietnam war and I would never use it as leverage to make an argument online besides this one of course BECAUSE IT'S ABSOLUTELY INSANE YOU USE IT TO TRY AND GAIN SYMPATHY. Now on to the real issue! It's posted by the lawn mowers once gas is put into the unit if there is an issue it will need to go a repair shop and cannot be returned to the store. If it's not a consumer caused issue the manufacturer will cover it under warranty FREE OF CHARGE.

This policy is in place to protect Menards from ignorant people who fail to use and maintain the machine properly. Lots of people don't know to add oil! Lots of people don't know to use ethanol free gas or an additive to off set it. Lots of people don't read the receipt like you said and the owner manual [THEY SHOULD ALWAYS]!

It's also to prevent them from being a free rental shop where even thing is used and returned when no longer needed. Menards employees are not capable of diagnosing if it's a consumer caused issue or a defect in the machine, this is why MANUFACTURERS HAVE RECOMMEND THAT MENARDS use a repair shop to determine the cause. Wal-Mart has a similar policy.

Want a better place to shop it's simple BE A BETTER CONSUMER. Lowes is no better they have 2711 complaints on here that's 1200 more than Menards.


What does being a disabled vet or what a person does for a living have to do with the way warranties on a product are handled? Are you saying he was being discriminated against because he was a vet or a prison guard?


So your logic is that it's on the receipt, but nobody reads the receipt. So if your father isn't bright enough to read the receipt or otherwise figure out what he's agreeing to, why would we assume he's bright enough to read any other sign posted about it?


Why would a retailer hold themselves liable? Construction is right no business in that brain of yours.

Who made that lawnmower? Who provides the warranty for that lawnmower? When your future construction company finishes a house are you going to warrant the electrical? The plumbing?

No you aren't.

And I guarantee he was offered extended warranty with Menards after the manufacturers warranty was up but he didn't wanna pay for that. The manufacturers warranty provides that you take it to a service center because high school teenagers are not licensed to repair gas powered equipment.


Here we go again. Check the area where lawn mowers are sold.

They post signs saying power equipment needs to go to a service center rather than being returned to the store.

The manufacturer warranty (take time to read it) calls for repair in the case of a defect, not replacement. Your complaint, if you feel it it justified should be with the manufacturer rather than the retailer as it is the manufacturer that provides the warranty.