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Menards has personally had a large negative impact on my life. I am one of the "old program" contract haulers who operated a Fassi Drywall crane from 2005 until recently when changes were made to the delivery program. I was washed out with intent to replace by a Masterlift truck that Menards exclusively offers for purchase by new vendors. Menards with-held pay of 2.5 months of work totaling $18000 dollars from my company, and to this day I have not recieved a word out of them in regards to any of it. I recieved a letter of immediate termination due to my stating I would no longer haul loads for Menards. With my career apparently comeing to an abrupt close, I tried to dispute this and claim my rights in a company that would take such desperate measures to take me out. What irritates me the most is that even the folks at the store I reported to daily are lying to me, and knowing I can see that. They DON'T CARE! It is all about the bottom line at Menards, making money regardless of the cost.

It has been four and a half months since my last day of hauling. I didn't have the opportunity to work the summer to regain losses from the slow season, and not getting paid for most of last October, all of May, June, and the days of July I worked into, and not working December 16th thru March 1st (due to losing a finger at work) I left in very bad shape. I am in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in which I hope to regain a decent credit score one day and be forgivin of this mess I have gotten myself into. The bankruptcy is not an easy way out though! I have lost my truck and all equipment to the bank, rights of my accounts owed by Menards to the same bank, my motorcycle is gone, I have been turned down when trying to open a savings or checking account, and anybody who looks at my credit from here on out will see that big, fat bankruptcy (including employers).

I felt I had earned the trust of this company and my store. I can only speak on the behalf of myself, and other haulers. As far as employees and managers go, you may be treated on a different level than I have been. I am speaking for, and this goes out to, Haulers. This company is not to be trusted!

Any little punk who has the urge to talk nasty needs to consider himself in these other peoples positions. Some know "not much" but need to try and prove otherwise.

Here is some of the best dirt you will find on the web regarding Menards. Two and a half years later people are still posting!


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Don't care for the new contract that came out in 03' (2011 today) but.If you signed it you agree to it!

The contract is NOT cut and dry like another poster said. It is biast and favors menards in the specific details but mostly it is vague at best leaving most details under a grey area. I have been hauling for menards since 01' or 02'? Yes, there have been issues on many occasions but you have to pick your battles.

Just pick up or deliver for free once in a while when you are already there and when you are having issues menards store manager will remember and go to bat for you. I work 110+ hours a week if I have to and my store is awesome, the management is understanding, grateful, helpful, etc. But your not going to see that if you constantly whine and always take without giving back. Not trying to spark an argument but rather help on the basis of advice.

I've seen dozen"s" of hauled come and go. As far as customers go, well.... they constantly whine and want everything for free. They spend $500 one day and think they should get special treatment.

Well haulers, they are the reason we have a job.

As hard as it may be sometime, smile and do your best to satisfy them.The rewards outweigh the costs.


former employee- Is your name Scott, Nick, or Dennis?The "Masterlift 5000" is the truck we like to call the SUPER TRUCK.

It is far inferior to the standard straight truck with a piggyback lift. By the way, it is none of your business what sub contractors pay for their equipment. I know someone who had the opportunity to purchase a used Ford straight truck with a Moffit lift on the back which were currently in service with a Menards store for $20,000. They were older, but were in good shape.

That person was prevented from doing so. Why? Because Menards sells the SUPER TRUCK at a profit to it's sub contractors. Plain and simple.

If that were not so, that guy would have bought his own equipment. It is absolutely true that Menards lies to the delivery services when it tells them if they were to leave the business they would help sell the SUPER TRUCK for them. I can give at least three examples that this was not so and the former delivery services are stuck with a crappy truck that no one will buy. Menards will not let the prospective delivery service owners speak with existing service owners.

Especially the ones who still have the piggy back lifts. The older service owners just laugh at the SUPER TRUCKS. (Try unloading material on a city street).

I can and will say more, and I am willing to take on a debate with someone who disagrees with what I have to say.I am in a position to know what I am talking about.......


former employee would you be int in selling that truck im from ohio

to lowrent #1028429

I am willing to buy your truck give me a call 3125503719

to Anonymous #1094175

Hi there, I have a Masterlift truck, it's 2007 International 8600.It's in great condition and has about 590,xxx miles.

We are in Michigan.We have an ad on Craigslist, take a look if you are interested: http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/cto/5360674909.html


To the original post you have my sympathy.It is always about the almighty dollar in this era.Money,greed *** and power,all sins of man. To all the rest of you regular posters that take over every site, learn proper grammar,please better still go get a life!


"Too Obvious", what store did that happen at?Does that delivery hauler still work there?

You should have picked a different guy to deliver your stuff.If you knew anything about your local store, then you should have told them to not send the guy who does *** things.


And I think what you may have meant by "literally dumped my load on the side of the road" is that you didn\'t want to pay him five bucks to put your *** where you wanted it.So you got what you payed for and weren't happy about that.

Then, you called the store crying about it only to get a discount!

You are so cheap.Stay off my page.


What does this have to do with anything?One hauler does not think he needs to tie down his cargo, so what?

He's either careless or knew he would be delivering to another "whaaaa....

I only care about myself....whaaaa...." cheap customer.


I am a guest that had a great in-store experience.I had my order set for delivery but because the driver did not strap my load, he literally 'dumped' my load on the side of the road.

Menards called me and apologized AND gave me a discount for the time delay.How call I hold the hard working hourly employees accountable for the errors of a privately contracted driver?!?

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