on friday june 14 i visited you baraboo wi store. i was looking for some landscaping bricks.

i went to the garden center, the first lady didn't know about them, but she took me to the ordering counter. the man went with me and i told him i needed more bricks then were on the bottom shelf.

there was a pallet on the 2nd shelf, he called an employee to get them down for me, that employee never came although i heard him say on the walkie-talkie, he'd be right there. i waited for 10 minutes and finally opened up the pallet and got them down myself.

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I do think that if you were capable of getting the bricks yourself, you should've done so. It's just silly to sit around and wait for someone to help you with something that's right in front of your face.

On the flip side, if these bricks were that easy to get, the gentleman that took you out to look at the bricks should've just stayed and helped you load them up before he went on his way. Remarkable how five extra minutes would've save this ridiculous headache.


Here's what really happened. Garden center team members wouldn't know much about them it's not their department, they belong to the Hardware Department 200.

The landscape block belongs to department 100 Building Materials. Now the guy went out there and radioed a fork lift driver who said he would be right over, but when he was on his way over someone else caught him quickly then probably someone else and after all that happened he totally forgot about the bricks.... THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. You can't ignore the people who stop you on the way to where you're going to help and if it's busy enough you will forget about the initial objective.

Fortunate enough you WERE CAPABLE OF GETTING THE BRICKS YOU NEEDED WITHOUT ANY HELP, THANKS FOR TAKING THE INITIATIVE! OH WAIT, you waited around forever for something you were capable of doing to being with in the first place......

to Heartless #1088942

The guest shouldn't have to get blocks down by them self. It's dangerous.

If one of those blocks were to fall and brake a foot, that would be bad for everyone. The gets busy, the guest should be aware of that and please be patient.

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